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Intro...The ACE

What's up? I'm The ACE born and raised in The L.I.B, WA. That's Liberia, West Africa - for those who don't know. Music means a lot to me...listening to, writing or performing music are my forms therapy in a stressful world. Studio time beats anything I could get with a shrink. I grew up in the choir, never quite thought I'd be a solo artist. I can sing a good tenor and I'm good to back up anyone but I never quite felt that had the pipes to go singing on my own. Fast forward to high school, my growing love for hip-hop music and constant scribbling of lyrics in my notebooks and the ideas started coming to me that I could be a solo artist...just not singing. It didn't take much for me to rap lines I wrote for singing while hanging with my boys. Many freestyle sessions later - before I even knew what a freestyle session or cypher was - I saw how I could use my talents as a solo artist. Influenced by a wide array of rappers - whether it was their style(Ma$e, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugz, Luniz, DasEfx, T.I, Wiz Khalifa etc) their lyrics(Nas, Eminem, Q-Tip, Big, Pac, Andre 3000 etc) or just one song(B. Rich) and loaded with hard knock life experience - single parent, beyond poor and living thru a 14 year civil war - I had lines to burn and stories to tell. So, here I am telling my story - The ACE - The Arthur Cassell Experience..and I'm bringin it! Come rock wit me, cuz I aint stoppin.