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Hey all,

To see what all the fuss is about :-) (reviews below), download the album from iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/jason-maynard/id684836943?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Or order a CD from: www.jasonmaynard.com.au (with $10 from every CD sold going to the Philippines disaster relief until 31st Dec)

Check out these two album reviews from radio:

"Jason Maynard has just released his debut album reflecting an impressive body of work which has been in the making for many years dating back to 1999. From early days in the garage band The Martins to heady days with the band Griffin who achieved high commercial rotation in Canberra and NSW for two independent singles in addition to the band’s videos airing on Rage, Jason like most musicians worth their weight in gold, has seen it all. All of Jason’s musical and life experiences have led to this point where his career is about to, as he puts it in his first song, “Begin Again”. The album is a rich tapestry of well -crafted songs. Jason is the Australian voice that the nation is looking for. With his great vocal talents and song writing abilities, how he has managed to slip back under the radar remains a mystery. Track 1, “Begin Again” is co-written with Alex Malota. All remaining 13 songs have been written solely by Jason over several years. The songs are full of structural surprises and shifts, comprising both great musical composition and impressive lyrics. The build from slow acoustic to full on rock, with echoes of the Moody Blues at times, is pure genius. Brilliant harmonising thrown in, pretty elements and clever lyric analogies only add to the magic. Jason is a master of the rock ballad and has discovered how to craft great songs. It is hard to pick a favourite. “Spider” builds to a complete rock anthem, “Those Were The Days” will have you reflecting, while the lyrics in songs such as “Treading Water” - ”So hold on, hold on, can you throw yourself a lifeline?” are hard to beat for their raw and honest beauty. Jason adds guitars, keys, bass and percussion to his vocals. He is supported on the album by ARIA nominated Engineer/Producer Anthony Lycenko (guitars, keys, additional bass), Lincoln Retallack (bass), Geoff Green (drums) and Steve Coulton (guitar solo on “This is Real”). As a talented singer/songwriter, it is hoped Jason achieves the acclaim he so richly deserves for this great album with hopefully many more albums to come in the future as he experiments with his love of music, his beautiful use of words and his fascination with the great bands of the past such as the Moody Blues. Having supported acts like Pete Murray, Evermore, Dave Graney and The Androids back in the days of his band Griffin, it is hoped those heady days will soon return for Jason. Recently chosen by renowned Australian singer/songwriter Rick Price for a support performance, it would appear Jason is on his way. Order yourself a copy of Jason Maynard debut album and enjoy!

Lyn Leedham Vice-President /AMRAP Rep Tank FM Kempsey NSW"


"Congratulations to Jason Maynard on his debut album. This singer/songwriter writes from the heart with well-crafted lyrics of sadness, regret, love and happiness. The songs are catchy and melodic. The musicians are perfectly attuned to his voice which is gentle and soaring yet commanding. If I wasn't with community radio I would not have had the joy of hearing this young man. His music is so enjoyable and needs to be heard by everyone. Jean Abbott Coast FM 96.3"

JM :-)


Hey HEY! Special offer: For everyone who orders a CD copy of my album from: www.jasonmaynard.com.au

I'll throw in a CD copy of the 1st single from the album - "Begin Again"!

But wait - there's MORE!!! I'll also include a CD copy of a compilation of recordings from my old band, GRIFFIN and an unreleased EP - "Past Lives". That's roughly 2.7 CD's for the price of ONE!!!

Cheers, JM

PS - album also available via iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/jason-maynard/id684836943?ign-mpt=uo%3D4


Hey all,

Album and single art almost done, on-line stuff in progress - it's all coming together.

Also, I managed to grab a gig supporting Australian singer-song writer, Rick Price!!! That gig will be an afternoon session (solo acoustic) on the 11th of August at the legendary Lizotte's in Kincumber, NSW. I'll be on at 1.30pm, with Rick hitting the stage at 2.30pm.

In the meantime, I have a couple of little shows coming up:

Fri 19th July at the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club (doors at 5.30pm, FREE entry); and

Tue 23rd July at Alhambra Lounge's Wax Lyrical along with some of Brisbane's awesome songwriting talent. (doors at 6pm, FREE entry).

Hope to see you there :-)


Ramping Up!

Howdy all,

Well, finally in album artwork/release preparation mode.

Have some very experienced and talented people on-board helping out, so can't wait to get it out there to you all.

Also a great big thanks for the support for the unofficial release of the track "Those Were The Days" that I sent into cyberspace in honor of an old friend (Franklyn) who left us on the 27th May this year after battling cancer.

RIP mate - you are missed more than words could ever say.

Album Progress!

Well, after all day and into the night on Thursday, I believe we do have a mixed record!

I am loving how it's sounding, and Anthony is very happy with it.

Next step is recording one extra track - a cover (to be decided from 6 or so options).

Then off to be mastered...

Then artwork...

Then printing...

Then launch arrangements...

Stay tuned :-)