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CD Update - Upcoming Original Shows

Just a quick note to let you know that the serious recording for my new CD will begin this Wednesday March 21st. Woohoo! I will be laying down acoustic guitar and vocals to all of the songs. Those recordings will then be distributed to the incredible studio musicians who will be playing on the project....so that they can learn their parts. I will be creating some video updates and special FREE downloads for those of you who have donated to or pre-purchased CDs. If you would like to get in on the fun go to: www.GoFundMe.com/SolKnopf to pre-purchase CDs or donate. SPECIAL UPCOMING SHOWS On Friday April 6th I will be performing an all original acoustic solo show at The Young Bean in Clayton, DE. The show is FREE to the public and starts around 6:30pm...so please come a bit early so you can get a seat and have Kim make you a latte before the show begins. Kim and Eric Young are 2 very special people. They are a military family who have served our country well. In their spare time they purchased the old Clayton Town Hall and totally refurbished it. The Young Bean is a coffee house located on the main floor and it is absolutely beautiful! Seats are limited so make sure to come early. www.TheYoungBean.com On May 19th I will be returning to the Delaware Bay Trading Company coffee house in Camden, DE for a special 2 man show with my good friend, the incredible singer/songwriter Nik Everett. Nik is a Delaware treasure and a fabulous writer/performer. He is also a voting member and Vice President of the Philly chapter of the Grammys. This is a show you will NOT want to miss. To Purchase tickets call 302-698-3550. To find out more and get directions: www.delbaytc.com

Nashville Update....

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of the Nashville Recording Artists whose representatives are currently showing interest in my songs. There are some exciting new names so keep your fingers crossed. This could be the year!

Where Have You Been? Linda Davis, Kristen Kelly, Adrianna, Ericka Dunlap, Krysti Worley, Krystal Keith, Sarah Darling, Picking Violets

Average Joe Blake Wise, Garrett Steele, Josh Gracin, Free Kennedy, Glen Templeton

To Be Loved Garrett Steele, Clay Walker, Lonestar, Walker Hayes, John Michael Montgomery, Free Kennedy, Josh Gracin

Dancing With The Bottle Lee Brice, Garrett Steele, Glen Templeton, John Michael Montgomery

Good Love Takes Time Lee Brice, Garrett Steele, Lonestar, Free Kennedy, Josh Gracin

Sara's Hair Lee Brice, Garrett Steele, Glen Templeton, Clay Walker, Lonestar

Searching For You Richie McDonald, Free Kennedy

Saddle Up and Ride Glen Templeton, Clay Walker, Josh Gracin

Midnight Ride Josh Gracin

Wrapped Around My Heart Josh Gracin

I want to thank you all for sharing your love and support. I will work as hard as ever this year to make you proud!



It always starts with ONE....

It always start with ONE...

Over the last 12 months some of the top Country artists in the world have strongly considered recording my songs. Artists like Lonestar, Clay Walker, Tracy Lawrence, Ronnie Milsap, John Michael Montgomery and many, many more. What I've learned is that my songs are SERIOUSLY competing in Nashville and we are ABSOLUTELY in the game. But, my homemade demos are not quite as good as the professionally produced recordings used by my competitors. In order to be more competitive, this has to improve.

So, the first order of business for 2012 will be to finish raising the necessary funds to record these songs in a more professional way.

The producer on board for our project is Grammy nominated Jim Salamone. Jim has worked with artists like BonJovi, Vanessa Williams, Teddy Pendergrass and many other top name artists. Jim is fired up about working on this CD and has offerred to produce it for a great price....utilizing the talents of some of the top studio musicians in our region. The net dollars raised so far is $4,300. It's a great start....but we still need to raise another $7,700.

THE POWER OF ONE I know this slogan "The Power of One" is simplistic, corny and self-serving...but I can't help but think that if each ONE of us will either donate or GET one person to donate...we will be able to reach that $7,700 goal in very short order. ONE is always where it starts...

Some of the cool rewards for donating: * signed CD's * T-shirts * posters * house concerts * even my beloved Gibson ES-137 electric guitar!!! (which I've performed over 1500 shows with!). For those of you who aren't sure how to get around on the internet....please don't worry....Several folks have participated without using the internet. Just call me at 302-420-5399 or email me at sol@solknopf.com I'll share with you how.

I hope will consider being a part of the POWER OF ONE team and be that ONE who helps get things rolling. We're just about there! To help...Please click here: 6www.GoFundMe.com/SolKnopf Love and Thanks, Sol

Beginning soon....

Just wanted to let everyone know Producer Jim Salamone and I are going to begin the recording process on my upcoming CD in just a few weeks. We're going to get started with 3...maybe 4 songs. In another week or so I will be posting a video introducing you to: my representative in Nashville, Chris Keaton...Grammy nominated producer Jim Salamone....and award winning songwriter and one of my best friends and collaborators Doug James. I think you will enjoy getting a chance to meet these special people.

To date we have not raised enough to do a full album...but I will continue to push on until there's sufficient funds to complete the project. We still need to raise about $7,500 to properly fund this project. If any of you have some ideas on how we can do this please share them with me. Or if any of you would like to actually be my fundraising manager I am so open to it. And as always....please share this site with anyone you think might want to be a part of this very special project. Sharing this link on facebook with a personal message is a big help. http://www.gofundme.com/SolKnopf

I can't thank you all enough for your love and support!



New Years Eve Dinner/Dance at 1776

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know this will be my 5th year performing at 1776 Steakhouse (18585 Coastal Hwy) in Rehoboth Beach, DE on New Years Eve. This is a perfect venue for those who prefer a more low key evening...but still would enjoy a fabulous dinner with music and dancing. I just spoke to the owner Tom Holmes and they already have 100 reservations, so if you think you would like to join us....please call 302-644-4776 right away to make reservations.

Below is my schedule for the rest of December. In another day or so I will be sending out an update to everyone let you know how my songs are doing in Nashville, which artists are showing interest....and how the fundraising is going for my upcoming CD.

This is an exciting time for me and I'm so glad you can be a part of it!

All the Love, Sol

PS. If you would like to help with the funding of my upcoming CD it would mean the world to me...We are currently at 40% of our goal but have a long way to go. I could really use your help. Thanks so much! click here www.GoFundMe.com/SolKnopf.

Invitation to a very special event...

Next Sunday afternoon, November 6th from 1pm-6pm Brian & Peas Hill will be hosting a Benefit and House Party to help raise money for my upcoming CD with Grammy Nominated Producer Jim Salamone.

Location of party:

Brian & Peas Hill 2075 Sharon Hill Rd Dover, DE

Please RSVP to Peas Hill at 302-363-1484...we want to make sure and have enough food and drinks for everyone. $20 minimum donation suggested but not required

Brian & Peas have a gorgeous home on 5 acres of land with a beautiful pond in the front yard. It's going to be an incredible day with lots of food, beer, 2 big screen TV's with Football games playing, silent auction with awesome prizes and a 50-50. Mid afternoon I will be performing an acoustic concert for everyone, singing several of my songs that are garnering significant interest in Nashville from artists like: Little Big Town, Easton Corbin, Josh Gracin, Thompson Square, Clay Walker, Ronnie Milsap, John Michael Montgomery and many, many more.

Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of writing songs and hearing major artists sing them on the radio. I've worked my whole life for this. In order to compete with the best writers in the world my demos need to be better than they are now....they need to be incredible. Jim Salamone uses some of the best studio musicians in the world and I believe that when we are done...the new recordings will put things over the top. If just one of these artists records one of my songs...it could totally change things for Toni and I and our family.

The best part is YOU will be able to say that you helped make it happen!

We need to raise $12,000 to produce this project start to finish. I hope you will join me in making this lifelong dream come true!

If you are unable to make the party on Nov. 6th but would like to contribute.... go to:


and click the "donate" button. You can use your credit card or "Paypal" account if you have one.

Or....If you would prefer to simply send a check to contribute. Send it to:

Sol Knopf 81 Garrisons Circle Smyrna, DE 19977

Make sure to include your mailing address so that I can send you a copy of the CD when it is completed.

No donation is too small....or too large. You can donate $1, $5, $100, $1,000....or even be the Executive Producer and fund the full project!.......whatever you can afford.

If you have any questions you can reach me at 302-420-5399

Love and Thanks!


Meeting with Jim Salamone

Hi Everyone,

I had a wonderful meeting with Grammy Nominated Producer Jim Salamone yesterday at Cambridge Sound Studios in Newtown, PA. Excellent facility...and he is one cool character. He's worked with artists like: Teddy Pendergrass, Gerald Levert, Vanessa Williams, Peter Nero, Grover Washington, Jr....and the list goes on and on. He's also produced in all genres of music. My songs are being pitched in Nashville, but I'm not necessarily a "Stone Cold Country" artist...so I think Jim will be a perfect match for me and blend his pop sensibilities with my country/pop/americana songs. Can't wait to get started.

I hope you will share my story with as many of your friends and family as possible and send them this link. http://www.gofundme.com/SolKnopf

So far we've had 15 people donate. Isn't that awesome?

All the Love, Sol

I need your help...

This year has been filled with much excitement. As many of you already know, in January I signed a contract with Keaton Music Ventures in Nashville, TN to represent my original music catalog. In short order, Chris Keaton had representatives of some of the top Country Artists in the business interested in recording my songs. Currently my songs are being strongly considered by artists like Ronnie Milsap, John Michael Montgomery, Easton Corbin, Josh Gracin, Clay Walker and many, many more. This is an exciting time for me and it's what I've worked for my whole life.

It is time for some of my newest creations to be recorded. In order to compete with the best writers in the world and start making a name for myself nationally, these songs need to be produced in a professional studio with top studio musicians. These recordings will not only be for Chris to shop in Nashville to the top country artists....they will also be the foundation of material for MY upcoming CD.

This is where I need your help more than ever. In order for me to put a competitive product together, I believe it's going to cost at least $10,000.

If we're successful, as a team, You and Me....all of "Us" in raising more than the $10,000, I hope to use those additional funds to make multiple trips to Nashville to further solidify the relationships Chris is building on my behalf as a writer. I have partnered with a company that has helped me design a website to achieve this very important goal. The company is called GoFundMe.com. To donate please go to: www.gofundme.com/SolKnopf

I hope you are able to join me on this exciting journey and donate in whatever increment you can. I will be forever grateful.

All the Love,


Bump in the Road...

Bump in the road...

By now many of you have already heard that I was assaulted a couple weeks ago while packing up my gear at the end of a gig at JW's in Dover, DE. I posted a note on my Facebook page a couple days after the attack and it went viral. All the local newspapers contacted me regarding the story and it made frontpage news more than once in Delaware.

I knew I hadn't sent an update to my fans yet and quite frankly was tired of telling the story. But after healing for two weeks and after all the swelling and bruising has gone (leaving a scar through my eyebrow and a crooked nose) I'm up to sharing with you my thoughts.

I find it so compelling how the challenges we face each day and how we deal with those challenges mold us into who we become as people. Sometimes the travails of life appear like mountains before us impossible to climb. I've certainly had a few of those. My guess is you have too. But every once in awhile terrible things can happen that, through the grace of God and the love and support of friends and family, mountains can turn into mere "bumps in the road". Such is the case after this assault.

I had performed at JW's Sportsbar and Restaurant every other Wednesday for many years. And although the region has declined economically and crime has increased over the years, noone had ever bothered me. On this particular evening a group of at least 6 young males (mid to late teens) were loitering outside of the bar. They were there when Mike Hodgeman and I got there to set up at and they were still there at the end of the evening when it was time to pack up. For the first time in my 30 year career I asked the bartender to call the police to clear the area so we could pack up. After a 10-15 minute wait I noticed that the youths had left. The coast seemed clear. Based on my past experiences there of no problems...I felt safe enough to begin packing up. Mike and I took our first load out to the curb and I walked over to get my Tahoe to bring it up to the curb when I heard those boys running toward me. They weren't gone after all. They had worked their way over to the east parking lot out of my view. The cops had arrived in that east parking lot and scared them. I heard them screaming "here come the cops!". These dudes were so bold that as they were running from the cops, two of them stopped to grab some of my equipment, attempting to run off with it! I couldn't believe it! Just then one of the other thugs was on me and hit me with something before I ever even saw him swing. Down I went.

Luckily several patrons and employees from the bar came out and engaged them quickly while at the same time the cops pulled up. The punks took off into the dark of the night and got away... Leaving me with a 2" gash through my eyebrow (that required 12 stitches) and a broken nose. One fellow that came out to help had 2 teeth knocked out and his bottom lip split in two!

After sharing my story on facebook I received over 140 comments, dozens of phone calls and numerous people visiting me. The love and support has been overwhelming. My wife Toni and I were brought to tears numerous times from the outpouring of love and support.

I want everyone to know that because of your love and prayers my wounds have healed, my heart is restored and the resolve and determination to follow my passion is as strong as ever. The mountain I faced that terrible evening was transformed into a mere "bump in the road". I cannot thank you enough and will never forget how you carried me through this ordeal.

All the love,


Stitches and Broken Nose...

This past Wednesday evening is a night I will never forget. I have thought long and hard about whether to share publicly in this forum the events. After much consideration, I believe it's my obligation to let everyone know of possible danger for them if they're considering patronizing businesses located in the Hamlet Shopping Center (Dover, DE). My intention is NOT to hurt any businesses located there, but simply to warn folks of the hoodlums that have been loitering outside JW's and assaulting people....namely me!

Wednesday evening Mike Hodgeman and I performed at JW's, like we have for several years now, and at the end of the gig I (along with Mike and another guy) was unfortunately attacked by these punks while attempting to pack the equipment into my vehicle. One of them hit me with something so quick I never even saw it coming. It tore a 2 " gash above my eye and the force of the hit broke my nose. I spent the evening in the emergency room at Kent General and will be incurring one huge medical bill for sure. Along with that, I had to cancel a performance Thursday night in Lewes, DE and if I can't get it together today might have to miss another engagement tonight. My right eye is almost totally closed this morning and I might have to have some corrective surgery done to my eyebrow and nose after things heal up.

All I can say is that there is a serious problem out there. It's been deteriorating for quite some time with little action being taken. There aren't enough lights, there aren't any security cameras and the business owners and police do not appear to effectively be deterring people from loitering there. Just because a "No Loitering" sign is posted does not mean that there is no further obligation on the part of the businesses and property owners to ensure the safety of their patrons and employees. I have to tell you I am furious and deeply saddened by the whole situation.

I am thankful for not being shot or stabbed. but I would imagine if things aren't brought under control it will only be a matter of time before someone is killed out there. I mean that sincerely with no hyperbole intended.

If you are a person who works in the Hamlet Shopping Center or who regularly patronizes businesses out there, I strongly urge you to ask the owners to insist and ensure your safety. And if you see shady people loitering don't hesitate to call the police. I'm sure they want to clean this situation up as much as anyone. Most of all please be careful. These kids appear to have no fear or conscience.

Needless to say I will not be performing out there anymore.