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Pink & Blue Project

The Pink & Blue Arts for Violence Prevention Project

Mission Statement

The Pink & Blue Project confronts the multi-headed monster of violence through music and performing arts, audio-video technology and interactive education. We aim to create safe and fair communities by generating opportunities for personal growth, empowerment, and behavioral and social change.

About The Pink & Blue Arts for Violence Prevention Project Created by performing and recording artist and youth development professional Delmance Ras Mo Moses, Pink & Blue is based on teaching & engaging youth and adults in creative, traditional & non-traditional and contemporary styles.

Pink & Blue helps youth and adults to • understand the root causes of gender-based and other violence in their lives • build confidence and insights to change their behaviors and relationships • tell their own stories and inspire their peers through stage performances and other forms of artistic expression. • aspire to create healthier and violence-free schools and communities. • express through creative means their vision for peaceful schools and communities. • take on leadership roles among their peers and in organizations and communities.

Pink & Blue has proved exciting and effective in schools, shelters, correctional facilities, conferences, and communities. Pink & Blue packages can be adapted to the ages and priorities of the audiences and the budgets of host organizations.

THE SHOWS Live Pink & Blue shows feature Ras Mo - poet, singer, drummer, and musician - performing original poetry, songs, and storytelling, with audience participation. Some shows feature Ras Mo and a cast accompanied by a band. In others, he performs solo, accompanied by drums, keyboard and/or recorded music. The play “Testify Real Stories Real People” is also available for performance at requested venues.

Post performance discussions are an integral part of our method. These are based on the audience needs and responses.

ASSEMBLIES & CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS Ras Mo introduces the curriculum by performing songs and poems, followed by interactive activities that explore the themes dramatized in the performance. These youth-friendly presentations generate lots of excitement and discussion. AUDIENCES Pink & Blue is designed for high schools; colleges; youth and domestic violence agencies; community centers; student, women’s, and youth organizations; women’s shelters; juvenile and adult prisons; drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers; and court-mandated treatment programs.

WORKSHOPS The Pink & Blue curriculum and training workshops explore and deepen the teaching themes that make artistic and creative teaching and leadership accessible. On-site staff training sessions and one-day or weekend workshops are built upon interactive, hands-on learning activities. From every workshop, participants take away techniques they can put to use right away.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS At after school programs we offer a wide range of programming. Students learn about topics covered in our prevention education curriculum and are taught to express them through performing arts, digital and audio recording and video production.

THE CD The professionally produced compact disc features original poems and songs in styles ranging from jazz and gospel to hip-hop, native American, Afro-Caribbean, and reggae. They convey messages of awareness, affirmation, education, hope, and joy. They have been created to inspire audiences to reflect upon the causes of violence and the impact these causes have on individuals, families, communities, and society. The songs and poems are the centerpieces of the Pink & Blue curriculum.

For booking and information rasmo@igc.org//5104821024 Phone 203-605-0925