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2016: Great places, wonderful audiences

Hard to describe how wonderful the year was for our band! Warmly welcomed back to some of our regular venues: Maple Fest, Wounded Warriors and Steam Engines in the spring, summer visits to Art in the Park and Something Earthy, filling autumn with Little Bennett, Paw Paw and Apple Festivals, and Butler’s; then closing out the year with Brookside, Bethany House and Soup Kitchen for the homeless! We loved being invited to play for some new crowds: St. Anne’s and Rockville Methodist churches, a Polo Club, an historic society and Cox Farm. We so appreciate the warm welcome and the chance to perform. Looking forward to 2017 – hope to see you there!

Almost Spring? Maple syrup and Bluegrass - twice!

We totally enjoyed playing for the many wonderful listeners on a cool Saturday last week, and an even colder one today (our first time playing with snow falling outside our tent!) It's fine to have some hot pancakes and sausage with fresh syrup in between sets. Come out next year.

Looking back (yea, that time of year)

Another wonderful year for the FHSB! 28 chances to do what we love – playing our music and watching the smiles, clapping, dancing, singing, and toe-tapping! New places received us warmly: BG on the Farm, Cox Farm, Bethany House, Seibel’s, Gburg Art Festival – and a Polo Club! Welcomed back to our regulars: County Fair (7years!), Something Earthy, Ag Farm, Wounded Warriors, the Falls, Meadowside and Butlers! AND our first CD!!! Blessed by having Ben S. and Betsy G. with us at times and even John R once. Thanks to all who enjoy our music (and apologizes if you didn’t.) Planning on a fun 2016.

Our kind of weekend - 2 gigs!

Played for UMAN last night, just got back from the County Fair, plus we brought our newly released FIRST CD (only 12 copies, but all gone!) Great night, wonderful weather, and so many fine audience members, including many of our fans: Jeff Truesdale and his wife, Judy Burton Furnish, Denise Griney, Jamie Simmons and some of his family, Andrew Moore... plus our band moms, Bethanne Garris and Helene Cohen Ambrosino... plus many new fans - thanks!

Great year of playing so far...

We had such a great year so far: farms and campsites, restaurants and parks, pottery stores and art festivals, veterans and retirees! The best part is how well our audiences have received us and the encouraging words from the event planners: check out a few below. And come check us out at one of the 20 shows over the rest of the year. “You guys were very professional, I still can't get over how wonderful your music and harmonies were....That was awesome!!!” Randall, Brix and Ale “Thank YOU guys for coming out once again and helping create a festive atmosphere for the event! There are always people enjoying the music while they relax and listen on the hay bales…” Lisa, Meadowside “I want to thank you guys for a great night” Linda, Something Earthy “Thanks for all you do for us. You make the events so much better.” Putt, Ag Farm “We really enjoyed your group last night....truly! I have had VERY good response about your performance last night. “ Jan, Seniors Club “You all did a fantastic job, David. We hope to have you all join us next year” Josh, Field Day

Face of America Ride

We love to bring some good cheer and support to those who face challenges in life and deserve support! Feel free to join us to cheer these vets on April 25th (and check out this great article.) http://worldteamsports.org/2015/flower-hill-string-band/

Making Music to Celebrate the Blessed Birth

Each year, we have the joy to add some special songs for our Holiday performances. We learn again each year that it is better to give as we share these songs. Visits to a soup kitchen and retirement community bring out some of the most enthusiastic listeners we have all year. We closed the season off with playing at our church and Beans in the Belfry. Here are some pics to enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/FlowerHillStringBand/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

Fantastic Fall Yes Thankful!

We had so many amazing opportunities to perform for so many fine people... First we returned to Brunswick for the Train Festival - a wonderful old town PERFECT for bluegrass and train rides! And then we had FOUR chances to play at Butler's for the Pumpkin Festival - one of the few classic family farms left in our County. Yes we love to play and we are thankful for all the opportunities. Check out the fun here: https://www.facebook.com/FlowerHillStringBand/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

"Living the dream" @ the Berlin Fiddler's Convention

"Living the dream" (quoting Betsy Garris) - she was right! A most amazing, appreciative, fun loving crowd! Two days filled with home grown music the way music started - by regular folks. We had beautiful weather in a historic town… and we opened up for our teacher and hero: Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen Thanks for inviting us to play, Berlin Fiddlers Convention! Check out the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.789247934455029.1073741858.113385535374609&type=1

August Hiatus Ends with a Blast

After time off for summer fun, we picked up with some great opportunities to perform. Best of all – welcoming back my youngest, Heather, singing and fiddling. Back to one of our regular haunts, Shaw’s had their usual music loving crowd. Many of the guests were hearing us for the first time one lover of Josh Turner sang along with “Long Black Train” and lots joined in on our gospel and old time numbers - always a great time. Then we were invited to entertain a “back to class” event at the Virginia Theological Seminary. On a beautiful afternoon – loved making new friends and receiving a warm reception with clapping and dancing along! Then we went back to one of our favorite places: Meadowside Nature Center for the Pawpaw Festival. We were joined by many of our “fan” friends, park hosts and guests. Check out the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/FlowerHillStringBand/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums