Due to familiy commitments, Johnny Sniper has left CAROLINE BLUE! For all of us at CB.Net and the band, we wish Johnny the best of luck in all his future ventures. Johnny joined CAROLINE BLUE back in August 2006. We have also been told that all shows currently booked are still on & a fill-in bassist will be in place for them.


Hi everyone! We've just been informed that the latest issue of Limelight Magazine http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=137377080 has CAROLINE BLUE in it! There's an interview with WWJ on page 5 and an ad for their new "Not For The Innocent" CD on pg.31. Limelight Magazine is distributed in all 6 New England states in the USA. You can read the interview on the VIEWS page on the main CAROLINE BLUE Site http://carolineblue.com/page29.html -check it out and tell us what you think...and don't forget the kudos! :)


CB.NET is proud to announce that CAROLINE BLUE has a new drummer! His name is Joe Boyle and you can now check out some info on him on the BIOS http://carolineblue.com/page14.html & FACTS N STATS http://carolineblue.com/page22.html Pages. Welcome aboard Joe!. We'd like to give special thanks to Monster Mike Merrifield for filling in and helping the band out while the search for a permanent drummer went on. Mike has played 4 shows with the band as well being the drummer on some of the tracks on the "Slave to the Hourglass" CD as well as all of the tracks on the "Not For The Innocent" CD. Your help is most appreciated!


It's been quite awhile since we last saw the Boys in Blue onstage, but last night they came out at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse,NY and brought with them a new drummer! Pics of the show can be seen HERE http://carolineblue.com/page33.html and we'll get the skinny on the new guy soon! We also have some new FAN PICS http://carolineblue.com/page37.html & FANS, FRIENDS & FREAKS http://carolineblue.com/page10.html pics uploaded so check them out too!


On 5/28 Sunday night WWJ was interviewed for an hour on A.I.R Radio! In addition, 5 songs from the new "Not For the Innocent" were played. The interview is now available for your listening pleasure on our LISTEN PAGE http://carolineblue.com/page12.html as well as on the AIR RADIO WEBSITE http://www.blogtalkradio.com/air Check it out!


Hiya! -We just received word that CAROLINE BLUE's CD "Not For The Innocent" has just been reviewed on the SacredMetal.de website http://www.sacredmetal.de/index.php?page=reviews/eigen/carolineblue2008 -This is based in Germany and the review itself is in German. However thanks to Neferblue , we got a word for word translation from Horatio C. Luvcraft. Thanks to you both for your help-it's much appreciated! And now, here's the review! Caroline Blue: Not For The Innocent Classy hard rock on the border to powerful melodic metal (or something like that...) is what you will find on the second release of CAROLINE BLUE "Not Fot The Innocent" (the previous release was an EP called "Slave to the Hourglass"). Two things are common to be found in the three to four minutes long songs: A hooking riff that is strummed more or less, and the tasteful and good vocals of mastermind Wayne W. Johnson which cummulate in straight forward chorusses. These chorusses let you sing along first time around and make you raise your fist and shout. Sometimes I feel reminded of the similar sounding Moore, who also recently released a very convincing album "Bleed". Songs like the hard rocking twins "Our Love is Wasted" and "Love Me or Leave Me..." or the ballad "Stay" are stereotype "Hard Rockers" (by the way: Please don't do that thing with the distorted vocals on "Out Of My Life (I Want You)..." again, okay?) - But there surely are enough rockers out there that demand songs exactely like that. Somehow CAROLINE BLUE are a car driving band. They make you wanna roll down your windows and show the world what hard rock sounds like in 2008. Unfortunatly this release is just a printed CD-R, but it comes with a booklet (containing all the lyrics) and a printed back cover. Get in touch with this band and ask for the price. This is something hard rockers should definately give a try. http://www.myspace.com/carolineblue (c) 2008, Michael Kohsiek Caroline Blue: Not For The Innocent Gutklassigen Hard Rock an der Grenze zum powervollen Melodic Metal (oder so...) bieten Caroline Blue auf ihrem Zweitling "Not For The Innocent" (zuvor veröffentlichte man eine EP namens "Slave To The Hourglass"). Bei den grundsätzlich zwischen drei und vier Minuten ins Ziel laufenden Songs stehen zwei Dinge im Vordergrund: Ein mal mehr, mal weniger durchschlagendes Riff, welches sich durch den Song zieht sowie die vom guten Gesang des Masterminds Wayne W. Johnson getragenen Melodien, die oft in einen eingängigen Refrains münden, den man bereits beim ersten Mal mit hoch gereckter Faust mitbrüllen könnte. Ab und an erinnert man an die stilistisch ähnlich gelagerten Moore, die auf ihrem letzten Werk "Bleed" ebenfalls meist überzeugen konnten. Songs wie der hardrockende Doppelschlag "Our Love Is Wasted" und "Love Me Or Leave Me" oder die Ballade "Stay" sind selbstverständlich klischeegetränkte Hard Rocker (das mit den verzerrten Vocals in "Out Of My Life" macht ihr aber bitte nicht nochmal, okay?) - aber es gibt ja immer noch genügend Rocker dort draußen, die es genauso haben wollen. Caroline Blue sind irgendwie eine Autofahrband - man möchte sein Fenster herunterkurbeln und der Welt dort draußen zeigen, wie Hard Rock 2008 klingen kann Leider handelt es sich bei dieser VÖ "nur" um eine bedruckte CDR, die jedoch mit Booklet (inkl. allen Texten) und (gedrucktem) Backcover ausgestattet ist. Meldet euch bei der Band und fragt nach dem Preis - Hard Rocker dürfen hier gerne mal reinhören! http://www.myspace.com/carolineblue (c) 2008, Michael Kohsiek


Hi there, -We just received reports that a new review of CAROLINE BLUE's "Slave to the Hourglass" has just been posted at the Encyclopaedia Metallium Website by Muloc of the U.K.! Click http://www.metal-archives.com/review.php?id=160705#53285 to check it out. -For those who can't wait to read it :) I'm a slave to the hourglass! - 75% Written by Muloc7253 on April 3rd, 2008 Seeing as I've been sent a lot of modern deathcore and whatnot the last few weeks, it was refreshing to pop Caroline Blue's debut EP 'Slave to the Hourglass' into my cd player and have my ears greeted with some excellent hard rockin' 80s heavy metal. And the great thing about Caroline Blue is how aware of themselves they are. There is no pretensiousness or silly gimmicks here, nor is this a Darkness/Wig Wam attempt at resurrecting as many silly cliches from the 80s and 70s as possible (even though I do like both of those bands). These guys just take a simple structure, some good catchy rocking riffs and good but not pretensious vocals to belt out some cool, powerful classic metal songs. On top of that they have some excellent solos, nothing ridiculously technical, just enough to give the songs a bit more juice. Structurely this is about as typical as traditional metal can be, but that's partly what's so good about it. A composition-style that I'm familiar with and enjoy a lot, used to create some excellently catchy and addictive rock/metal songs. My choice cuts would be the slightly epic opening title track, 'Hard Life' (which funnily enough, slightly reminds me of 'A Hard Day's Night' in the chorus) and 'The Queen of Pleasure'. Oh yeah, and there are some bonus tracks. The first is a pretty nice guitar instrumental, I could live without it but it's still a pretty decent addition, and then next is a recorded message from what sounds like a landlord informing the band that the neighbours have been complaining about late-night loud drums and one of the band members humping a stuffed animal in the window. My kind of band! -Let us know what you think!


Hi everyone, -We just got word that a NEW INTERVIEW with WWJ has been posted on the West Side Dave Website. In case you didn't know, WSD has a HUGE site devote to hard/rock/metal bands-all done on Web TV! -This interview is the 3rd one Wayne has done with West Side Dave. To see it, click on http://community-2.webtv.net/WestSideDave4/WayneWJohnson/ -To read WWJ's 2nd Interview with WWJ, click http://community-2.webtv.net/WestSideDave2/WayneJohnson/ -To read WWJ's 1st interview with WWJ, click http://community-2.webtv.net/WestSideDave/WayneJohnson/ -To read West Side Dave's Review of CAROLINE BLUE's CD "Not For The Innocent", click on http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/westsidedave/Reviews33.html -To read West Side Dave's Review of CAROLINE BLUE's CD "Slave to the Hourglass", click on http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/westsidedave/Reviews20.html -Let us know what you think!


In mid 2007 both WWJ & Johnny Sniper were asked to do an interview with CUSP magazine as part of the promotion for the Buffalo Rockers for life 2007 CD (see discography (http://carolineblue.com/page117.html) for details). When the interview was seen online (located athttp://www.cuspmag.com/states/newyork/carolineblue/story.php ), there was the cover pic and 5 questions answered. Interesting since over 30 were answered by our heroes! Well, for your reading pleasure, we're proud to show you the UNEDITED version of this interview. Just go to the VIEWS page (http://carolineblue.com/page29.html) to check it out!


We sent out a message last month that we were offering a FREE download of the song "Love Me or Leave Me" on the CAROLINE BLUE My Space page. For the month of March, we are now offering 4 songs to download for FREE! That's right-this is not a misprint. 4 songs. Below are the songs & their locations... "Pain" CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE PAGE http://www.myspace.com/carolineblue "Mine,Mine,Mine" "The Queen of Pleasure" CAROLINE BLUE SLAVE TO THE HOURGLASS MY SPACE PAGE http://www.myspace.com/carolineblueslavetothehourglass "Deny" CAROLINE BLUE NOT FOR THE INNOCENT MY SPACE PAGE http://www.myspace.com/carolinebluenotfortheinnocent Go to these pages and get these songs for FREE! But hurry, this will only last till the last day of March. Get these songs before the band comes to it's senses!