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New Music!?!?!?!


Jake here! Went into Joe's Studios to start the recording on our new, yet-to-be-titled single. Mixmasta Jared Dines of Joe's Studios is excited to have us back because he's been doing some renovations in his studio, and is looking forward to testing them out. Quick side note. If you're in a band, or are a solo artist, and are looking for a very chill environment to record your music, check out Joe's Studios (Jared Dines Recording Studio) on facebook. He's affordable, professional, and a cool dude. He'll give you everything you need to get your music recorded, polished, and ready for the masses.

Anyways. Back to the new music. This new song will blow you away. It'll infect your ears and it won't ever leave. It's that catchy. That rockin'. And we're excited to get it out there.

So be on the lookout. You'll be hearing a lot from us in the very near future...


New things are coming!

Cody here to give you some great news from the Silver Bullet camp. With 2012 being an absolutely fantastic year for us, we decided that we needed to make 2013 better. We're working on getting some new pictures and logo to go with our recent line up change, along with looking for gigs in different cities and clubs around Washington. But the information you're all wanting of course, is that Silver Bullet will finally be heading back into the studio! For the past couple months,we've been putting the work in on a handful of new songs and we're ready to record them so we can share them with you all. Stay tuned for some studio updates from us, as well as some new gigs for us coming up as well!

What's up for 2013?

Hey SB Nation! You can get a free download of Light 'Em Up during the Hard Rock Calling Contest coming up in a few weeks. Some of you already own it, but your download is a vote for us. Last year you sent us into the top 12 for a fantastic experience at Hard Rock in Seattle. We're asking you to help us do it again. More details soon. Also, we have some new stuff coming and some more covers for parties and shows. The best way to hear us is to hire us. The second best way to hear us is come see our show, but if you can't do those two things, plug in that cd or call us up on any of the online channels. And if you have any questions or want to talk to any of us, just send along a message. We;ll get back to ya. Rock on!

On Slowing Down

We wanted to slow down with gigs the last couple months, but things are working so well, we've not been able spend as much time with the new stuff as we wanted to spend. The adventure of playing with and for Seattle Wave Radio's Jammin' Challenge '12 was amazing. Props first to Jake Nannery and the Wooden Nickel Band for an awesome performance and for beating us in the final round. A genuinely great guy with a full spectrum of talent, Jake Nannery is a quality guy. To Sea of Misinformation, we have a gig or two in mind to which we want to invite you, so Ryan, we'll be calling. To Andrea Desmond, a fireball of talent and a loyal fan base. That's what it takes to make it and you're way ahead of us. It was an honor to play with all these acts. Treehouse received a van full of toys from these bands' fans, so a lot of little kids with have a smile Christmas morning. Amy at the Hard Rock, and her staff, as usual, were great hosts and we all had a blast. Thanks to the judges who came out and encouraged us all. It was an honor just to be there, hear your critiques and be on that stage. Any time on stage is great for us. So we're playing close to home Dec. 14 at Uncle Sam's on Pacific in Tacoma/Spanaway. Then up to Kent Dec. 21 and back in Yelm Dec. 22. Merry Christmas everyone. Keep Rockin'

Social Santa Toy Drive

Yep. Tonight you can rock with us and give a kid a toy. We've been bustin' ass putting a great set together for your max rock experience. See ya tonight at Hard Rock Seattle. Doors at 5:30. Music at 7:30. $6 and an unwrapped toy for a little kid or teenager who could use a little extra love this Christmas. Why not give yourself the gift of a good time, too?

Kickin' it for Christmas and Kids

Hey, if you only go to one Christmas party this year, why not do something nice for a kid AND have a good time? We're playing the Third Annual Tweet for Treehouse show Nov. 29 at Hard Rock Seattle. You can ride our fan bus or you can drive yourself, but getting tickets will be impossible the longer you wait. A review of our show to get to this spot is at http://www.myseattlenightout.com/blog/61522/october-19th-jammin-challenge-blog-review

What does your weekend look like?

We'll be playing the Triad in Yelm, corner of 1st and Yelm Ave. Friday night. We haven't played there for a few months so it will be great to come "home" for a show. Hope to see you there, $5 all ages. Doors at 6:30. It is a Halloween masked party, so put your face in something and come out to party!


Hey Silver Bullet Nation! The world of music is no different than real life and sometimes things gotta change. For Silver Bullet, that means we are using guest guitarists in the rhythm slot for a while. It also means James will be handling an axe, occasionally. His talents in that area are undiscovered as he only sings onstage. We're writing new stuff, setting up our own studio and trying to get gigs in between. In the meantime, we have a show Friday, October 19 at the High Dive in Seattle that means a lot to us for several reasons. A) we've never been there B) we are being hosted by Seattle Wave Radio and the good folks at Seattle Music on facebook C) We just effin' love to play live to anyone Check our gig cal for the specifics. For all our fans who let us know ahead of time, we'll have a free shirt waiting for ya!

Hey Silver Bullet fans!!

Jake here! It's been almost 3 weeks since we were in New York. We all had fun there, and some of us really miss it ( I know I do!), but its time for us to start focusing on the future! And the next step for us is to get some new material out there for you guys! We're currently working on writing some new tunes for what will be a new EP. We've finished two songs, and we're hoping to get at least three more finished before we start recording. Speaking of recording, another thing we're currently working on is getting our own recording studio built and functional. We have the space for it. We just need to get the area sound-proofed, and get the proper equipment. The ultimate DIY band...that's what we are. There are definitely a lot of big things coming for us in the not-too-distant future. I, along with the rest of the band, hope you guys are in for the wild-ride like we are. Hope to see you at our upcoming shows! -October 13th--Creative Underground Theater--Everett, WA -October 19th--The High Dive--Seattle WA

Rock on! \m/ Jake

Back to work!

Now that we're back from showing New York what 5 guys from Seattle are made of, we're setting our sights on The CUT in Everett, October 13th. Hope to see you all out there for one of the last shows of the year for us!

Most of you are probably wondering how New York went for us, so I'm gonna let you all know that it was absolutely AWESOME. Our first full day in NY consisted of us getting up early to be apart of The Real Radio Show, which was a lot of fun, and walking all over Times Square later on in the day. It was great to be in studio and see what goes into making a radio show like that one be able to air. I would tell you more about Times Square, but thanks to the Hard Rock Times Square bar, I don't remember a whole lot!

Thanks to everyone at The Real Radio Show, especially Henry and Frankie D, Vernon our shuttle driver who had endless information for us, Lindy's Taxi for showing up after our first set of taxis failed to and still getting us to the radio station on time, and everyone else that helped us out while we were on our trip! Stay tuned for more from other members throughout the week. -- Cody