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Studio time has been booked album number 2 is coming at you! Scott/drums

New Stickers and banner!

Keep an eye out we got some new stickers coming at you and a new banner! Scott/drums

DrumFest 2013

https://www.facebook.com/#!/nhdrumfestival. Looks like Scott our drummer is going to be involved with this event, gonna be bring metal to the masses! FTE.

Gigs! Studio! Wrestling! Two Drummers....

Working on some cool gigs, heading into the studio, finishing a cool wrestling intro song for wrestler Scott Reed, and our LHC song is done, and it has two drummers. Scott/drums


What new Flood This Earth Merchandise would you like to see? What do you want with our logo on it? Keep it metal! Scott/drums

Two Drummers!

Tomorrow night, our LHC winner Steve will be coming doan and making some serious drum noise! Scott/drums


We would love to get hooked up with some other HEAVIER! bands and make a dent in the local music scene....Keep it metal...Scott/drums

15 Copies Left!

Roadkill@morningbuzz.com, 5.00 to purchase a copy of our first album, when these things are gone, they are gone for good! Scott/drums

Bring it one!

We got two great shows coming up then off to Bad Bones Studios to get album number 2 going! Scott/drums


Great jam session last night, played some old tunes in C last night, heavy as HELL!!!! Wow might here these in the next few gigs set. Scott/drums