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Flood This Guitar!

Thanks to Tom Smith at Tsmith guitars who just finished the Flood This Earth guitar! Wow he did a amazing job! Scott/drums

Last night!

Flood had a great jam session last night, played some songs that we haven't played in months and they sounded great! Might pop up in the set on the 21! Scott/drums


Thats whats on the menu for tonight! Lots and lots of metal. Scott/drums

Soundtrack To A Murder!

Got a metal head on your shopping list? www.badbonesrecords.com and buy yourself a copy of our last cd. Scott/drums

Keep it metal!

Yes we will......promise you!


Plan on attending our Dover Brickhouse show on the 21 with Acaro? What Flood song do you wanna hear? Roadkill@morningbuzz.com drop me a email and let us now! Scott/drums


Already got some very cool/big gigs planned for the new year and a new album yeah we're gonna hit 2013 hard! Keep it metal.....Scott/drums

Dover Brickhouse 12/21/12

Your gonna wanna be in the house for our 12/21/12 show at The Dover Brickhouse cause we're gonna have a special gift for those who attend! Scott/drums

12/21/12 Dover Brickhouse!

Make sure to make plans to be in the house for this gig! Acaro is the headliner! And Flood is gonna have something special for you that night! Scott/drums

RIP Turkey!

We'll that was one 4 day weekend! Ate alot of bird and some beer! And got some more ink work done on my leg and all band members are still alive and kicking! Scott/drums