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New Music (It Has Been Awhile)

My first digital download (solo) album was released in 2014. For over a year, I had completely fallen out of the music realm because of personal problems (of which will not be discussed here). My second album "Land of Forgotten Destiny," will be a journey into a darker realm. Although it will be more vocally oriented than my earlier music, the ambience will be more minimal and more "reserved" than the content on "Amaranthine." The path towards hope is dark and lonely. I am not going to say that this album is a personal one for me. I get tired of hearing that cliché. However, my aim is for it to be a personal, cathartic experience for other listeners. Interpret what you will.

It is a slower process than it used to be. I am a perfectionist when it comes to technical issues. I am getting worse as I get older. More time is spent ironing out the "kinks" than it is in composing music.

The demise of my label (Ravenheart) still saddens me. I am thinking of starting my own label, but I hear from other label managers that it is a real headache (even managing a small one). There are some labels that release free music, and even though I do despise the business side of music, I would probably not release entire albums for free. However, I do respect labels that do this. .

As far as re-mastering, I am pleased with the work Bruno does. However, I am not sure if Nightwork Studios is still around, so I will check with him to see if he is willing to re-master my tracks. I am hoping to collaborate with a musician or two, but I will have to play that by ear since there are many who don't feel compelled to collaborate even though you may "feel" their style. But I do love to collaborate. It is more fun to discuss plans for music with another musician, while creating a sound that bears both signature styles. So I am keeping that open.


My track, "Skala" is included on the Chernobyl compilation (released by Ambientaria Records). Please show your support and help the victims of Chernobyl!


The Christmas Gift

Musicians unite to help people in need! Please, show support!


"The Christmas Gift" featured on Blog Talk Radio (with Andrea Garrison). Interviews with the musicians who contributed to the compilation (the interview is listed in the archives). ... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/the-christmas-gift/

Taking a Break from Music

Bruno and I have decided to take a small break from recording for Above the Skyline. We will not be composing new music for about a month or so. For the time being, Bruno is currently releasing his upcoming Immundus album; for now, I will be recording music for my other band, Wintryfrost. However, an Above the Skyline album is in the works, and will be released next year.

Nakjaarna music uploaded

I have uploaded two new pieces from my 2006 dark ambient album on the NSI netlabel. Robert Nunnally (Gurdonark) remastered the track "Frozen Industry."

New page on Reverb Nation

I have created a new page on Reverb Nation for my music. Not many songs uploaded yet, but hopefully more will be added soon.