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Mr. Vallis Castor is Glenn Beaver, Jr.

Vallis Castor is just a simple translation into Latin for Mr. Glenn Beaver Jr. This of course allows him as well to have some privacy and also allows for people to quickly acknowledge who he is. Vallis has been playing guitar for nearly two decade and has been singing since 1994 and has not had the opportunity as you might think he had.

Vallis Castor grew up in a trailer park in Stockbridge, Georgia. But, that is not to say that he was there his whole life. Moving from place to place, all over Georgia, he became a liquified socialite and has had a hard time bonding with others due to his fear of being relocated. Vallis Castor made his changes by joining up with the Coast Guard and becoming a family man. Now, after had spending 18k a year just for a school, Vallis Castor has the look of determination in his eyes. He holds his children up on high and he vows that they will never see the instability that he had to endure.

Now with 11 different affiliations with studios across the board, Vallis Castor is on his way to your ears. So, pick up a tune and give it a listen. Valllis Castor's music is just the medium to his message. With every ounce of inspiration he may have, check him out because he wants to help you in making this word a better place.