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What's NEW with THC?

The Traveling Horse Club is set to perform Friday August 1st, 2014 at The 10th Annual Rootenanny at 7:30pm in the beer tent. You don't want to miss this set. The band is also performing at The Saunders Family's 4th of July Celebration near Rapid City, Michigan. You can also catch THC performing at area venues in the coming weeks. Shoot us an email and we will be happy to get you the information you need to come on out and party with the band. As always you can sign up for The Official Traveling Horse Club Email List and The THC Street Team via the bands website at http://www.TheTravelingHorseClub.com __________________________________________ Check out The Official Traveling Horse Club gear on sale now!

News from The Traveling Horse Club!

Yep its true THC is loaded up with a brand new line up! The band recently played at The 420 Bash near Rapid City, Michigan and will be performing many more shows this spring and summer. Dates are coming together as we write this Blog Entry so keep your ears peeled and your eyes open for more information. THC will be announcing some festival dates within the next two weeks. The band recently came together with Bree Saunders (guitar, bass, & vocals), Ashley Christopher (guitar, bass, & vocals), Derek (guitar,bass, & vocals), Matt (mandolin, bass, & vocals), Grant Jacobus (keyboards, guitar, & vocals), and last but certainly not least long time percussionist for THC Joey Fattal (drums) A brand new future for this band that has been long over due for some exciting new energy. The band will be performing at Brokedown Palace Farms near Kalkaska, Michigan June 14th 2014 as well as several other shows that will be announced as soon as the details are worked out. Rest assured this band with their 5 part vocal harmonies and raw sound is coming to a venue near you in the coming weeks and months. Keep watching for more info!