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This is the Year that I will make a Big Impact in the music game/business. I plan on making my name stronger than what it already is. For Those you don't Like, Don't understand and/or Fear what I am about To do, my apologies to you now but It is what It is...Big Ups to the Team and everyone affiliated with the Movement!


Whats Good America, motivation is one the most important feeling to have with the music business...but newMotivation is like weight lifted off your shoulders, lights getting brighter inside what was once a dark room, seeing that $50.00 you invested turn into $250.00. i was always motivated but now i have that newMotivation...NFKmusic, BreadState, F4...316

Koo-Laid ™
Koo-Laid ™  (about 5 years ago)

Well Stated★I can Relate 100%!


Thats what its all about focus...its very hard to explain to someone who isnt involved in the process of becoming a professional music artist how tough it is to be focus throughout the process. that is probably the reason why we always tell you music coming soon over and over...lol.

"What we talkin bout"

People always asking me "what else is there to talk about with music?" everyone did the sex, cars, clothes & money, gangsta rap has been here...so what wlse is there to here that will capture my attention? Music is an evolutional art form that capture life in the form of rythm (my definition...lol). There is always something to talk about when it comes to music and the topics that are involved within it; hell we can talk about anything we want when it come to music...maybe because people put limitations on hip-hop & the things that can be talked(rap)about and then decide to scrutinized those topics you choose to place in our category. So what if artists are rapping about the same stuff thats already done. The art of music can't be done without creativity! Meaning you're not listening to how big is Rims are or how much money he got, it's the creativeness in what they are talking about. In the same concept, everbody loves the classic movies. Hollywood is now in the re-invention era where they take old classics movies; because of the topic or the theme of it; and re-make them to fit into todays standaard. Thats creative artwork in a visual form. Thats all we're doing with music. Yeah there is so much we can rap about when it comes to music, but don't place us in a box if you feel that we have no substance in our material or have nothing to say no more, let us expand. But me personally, I wouldn't care less about it! Holla....