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hi guys. lots happening behind the scenes. we are playing with a new guitarist named chris and he is really good. he is way better at solos than i am and will probably be ready for some shows by the end of the month. we are mixing the upcoming album man plans and god laughs. we still need to re trackabout 3 songs and then master the thing but we are shooting for the end of themonth which means a relase in august i think. we may have a fundraiser to get physical copies made so people can have a cd or else it will be downloadabl thru the reverbnation store or itunes. let us know if you have a preference or any ideas about the record or anything. just feel free to say hi whenever. thanks

Monsters under your bed
Monsters under your bed  (over 5 years ago)

awesome, I definitely want a cd.it's almost time for you guys to hit the road lol. Are all the songs that will be on the album up here on reverb already?