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long overdue update

We have been relatively quiet, because we have been busy. New singer, and additional tracks for the album, as well as almost completing the writing stage of 2nd album! We are looking for people interested in doing some of the artwork for our album. There are 12 tracks (around 72 minutes of music!) and we are going to have a little bit of artwork for each one. Anyone interested let me know and we will give you more info on how to get a chance of having your artwork included in the album. We are interested in all types of art, but it needs to look good at CD cover size.

kobiwon007  (over 2 years ago)

Hello to you over on the other side of the ocean. This is Kobiwon007 in Kentucky, USA. I see you're asking for artwork help. Do you recall the audience cover you were going to create using head-shots we sent in a couple years ago? I sent you a couple which you said you would use. What ever happened to that project? Could this be revived and used as some of the art work? Or, do you no longer have those photos? Let me know. Thanks.

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Delay in album release

OK, studio PC is almost in PC heaven. Got new one ordered and will be here in next couple of days. Takes a while to install operating system and all the studio software, but hope to have it up and running by the end of the wekend. Because of this annoyingly timed critical equipment failure, it looks like our debut album "The Band Not The Place" will be making an appearance in September, rather than August.

kloudworks  (over 4 years ago)

Glad it worked and the new pc is set up and hopefully not upset now:) Good luck with preoceeding album works. ~ k.

Progress update

Lots of small things to do, but all songs, except "Fall With Grace down tempo" and "Jonah the Eskimo" are more or less done. We are on target (well a little behind, but not much) for August release! We will be starting a crowd funding campaign for those that want CD copies, instead of downloads and also help to fund our first proper video. T-shirts will be available and other goodies.

Album progress update

Things are going well so far. We have passed the halfway point and are not far away from completing the longest track in the album - "Banjo In Kashmir".

The track is made up of 3 distinct sections:-

Part 1 - at just under 2 minutes, it's a short jazzy intro, with a very ethereal jazzy piano intro and an interesting rolling bass tapping riff through most of it.

Part 2 - at just a little over 3 minutes, this is the original and main part of this musical triumverate. The main hook is played on the bouzouki part, but initially Corina's haunting rendition of the main theme is sung at the beginning of Part 2, followed by the fake banjo (the bouzouki) playing a banjoesque rolling version of the main theme, thereadter the uillean expands upon it.

Part 3 - at around 4 and a half minutes, this is the longest and easily the most "chilled" part of the trio. With little haunting vocals floating in here and there, an echoed low whistle and the return of the "riff", the 3rd part has a lot to use, but is kept remarkably empty. Also, Danny plays a great celtic outro played on both low whistle, hi whistle and uillean pipes.

At well over 9 minutes and predominantly instrumental, this is the longest track on the album, but it will transport you across valleys, mountains and even continents. You can here a rough mix of Part 1 on our profile.

Over halfway

The completion of our debut album "The Band Not The Place" is coming along nicely. We are just over the halfway mark, with the 3 part track "Banjo In Kashmir". Part 1 has been completed and has additional bass parts, while Part 2 is almost completed. Part 3 of Banjo In Kashmir has not been head by anyone outside of the band yet, but has a slightly more ambient feel. We are rarely, trully ambient, because we like so much percussion, but it is very chilled for us and makes the full track, with all 3 parts over 9 minutes long. All this and NO banjo! LOL

kloudworks  (over 4 years ago)

It's understandable that there won't be banjo since it is in Kashmir:)

Album mix and master progress

Half of the songs are done, just needing some monor adjustments. Only another 5 to go. Next song up is the 9 minute Banjo In Kashmir. Song is in 3 sections, and is primarily instrumental. As usual the musical genres and styles are varied. Bit of a challenge as this is the longest track on the album. You can hear a rough mix of part 1 on our RN page. ANother little jazz fusion orientated number.

Almost halfway!

Will be starting "Until The Sandman Comes" this weekend and that marks the halfway point for our album. Things are moving along nicely, but the more complex songs are still to be done.

Until the Sandman Comes - jazzy version VIDEO

Remember you can see and hear us having some fun doing a crazy and unusually jazzy song for us at http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/202180527 Although this jazzy version of track isn't on our forthcoming album, it will be fun to compare it with the our typical Anchorage Alaska sound of the album version,, once the album is ready. Enjoy! :)

Mixing and mastering album.

Well inbetween editing videos (hope you all enjoyed the Jazzy Until the Sandan Comes video) we are still pushing ahead with the mixing and mastering of the album. First song completed was A Lonely Hunter and currently working on The Steam Dragon. Just a little instrumental track, but as usual it's a little different.