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Daniel Paul Band cd is available Now

Daniel Paul Band cd, 'Under The Nashville Moon' has been released on cdBaby, Spotify, itunes, Apple Music, iheart radio & all other online music stores. The cd features 9 fantastic Daniel Paul Band songs, Taking Nashville Country music fans by surprise. Get your copy today and enjoy the ride. Peace & Love,

Daniel Paul of the Daniel Paul Band Contact email: dpg0512@aol.com

If you can.... Give my songs a listen.

If you can, please give my songs a listen. Daniel Paul

Acceptance and support in Nashville...

Acceptance and support in Nashville comes in many forms. When a Nashville star guitar picker Boomer Castleman told me I was one hell of a guitar picker, also when Robert Stegall tells you that the songs you just played for him gave him great Country music feelings, and finally when hit song writers ask you to play with them and they know the words to your songs is total acceptance. Yes I was also truely blessed when Robert Burgeis, country artist and song writer, became my closest friend and helped me record my songs 'Under The Nashville Moon' , 'This Old House', 'Dance A Little Jig' and 'Paradise For Two'. Yes I have been blessed with the acceptance and support in Nashville Tn. Amen.

Music Magic... Hear It & Feel it Here! Daniel Paul

When you listen to a great new song, you should feel and hear the creative magic! Not have to be told or sold on its being good! It all needs to go back to where the dj's are allowed to find the new songs, then play them on the radio stations, so the listeners get to decide if it is good bad or Great! Maybe folks would get excited and buy a CD or download. Yes just like American Idle, only on radio! Imagine that! If the song is bad, it just does not survive the listener's lack of interest and emails. Peace & Love Daniel Paul

bullrder33  (over 2 years ago)

sounds like a new radio show, gong the song, you should try that with a radio station.

Today Sept. 12th

Today I have climbed to #118 on Reverbnation's Country Local Nashville chart. Play some of my song demo's and let me know what you think. Listen at reverbnation.com/DanielPaul (P.S.) God is my Co-Writer!

DPB has paid their Dues!

Daniel Paul Band Graduated School of Hard Knocks, Degree in Peace & Love- See song video here-- http://fb.me/1CHuhAwtr