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Round 2: Project Independent Voting!


Go to http://www.projectindependent.net/usvoting.html Select Frozen Eternity and submit your vote. Fill out the captcha/word scramble. Do this 5 times a day, every day for the entirety of the voting (ends December 30th) from each computer you log on to! Spread the word to everyone you know, it helps tremendously!

Thank you everyone so much for all you support, we have made it to the 2nd round of voting for the Project Independent Featured Artist of 2011! We also did extremely well, so that means we have many dedicated supporters out there that we hope we will be able to truly thank one day! This is an amazing experience so far, and we are looking forward to seeing how this all turns out. If we win, we will get a 60 Day Headlining Tour of the entire US, we will be able to record and release our newest full-length album and have it distributed to all the major markets (stores and online), get all new gear and equipment (guitars, drums, amps, etc), and get a full line of custom merchandise for everyone to get!

Please help keep the dream alive, and help us achieve what we have basically dedicated our lives to attaining! This whole thing is very surreal to us, and we are so very grateful to everyone who is helping out, and hope that all our hard work will pay off in the end! Please help us out, and continue to support Frozen Eternity!

Thank you so much, Frozen Eternity

PS: No signing up for anything, or facebook connects, or any of that crap is required. It is just as easy as simply going to that link and submitting the vote!

PSS: For anyone interested in how we did the first round, and to show how much support we are getting out of this, the results are at:


We received second place through the first round! Again, thank you all so much, but we still need more help. Only the band that receives the most votes in the end will win the grand prize! This round ends on the 20th, but the final round of voting is from the 21st to the 30th!

Project Independent Voting!

Hey everyone,

The day is finally here, voting for the Project Independent Featured Artist of 2010 starts today! Project Independent is an international showcase committed to the discovery and development of independent metal artists. They are not a record label, but they offer services and rewards to provide artists with replication, distribution, promotional touring, equipment upgrades and technical support. Taking the showcase to many cities, they find the best metal acts around and help educate and give the experience needed for them to function in the music industry while remaining independent.

Each year, Project Independent features a vast array of metal artists who have proven themselves capable of independently succeeding with some initial help. This year alone, 122 bands made it through the first round to qualify for a position in this year’s voting. The vote is to ensure that the band most capable of independent networking and most preferred by the fans is able to win the grand prize they have put together in association with various sponsors. This year, those sponsors include: Peavey, Schecter, Sonor, Paiste, GHS, Rocktron, and more.

This year’s grand prize includes a 60-day headlining tour of the nation, full replication, manufacturing, and distribution of a full-length album, custom merchandise, and a complete upgrade of custom equipment with technical support from the most well-known brands sponsoring the showcase, and still more!

What we really need though is for each and every one of you to vote for us, 5 times a day, every day of December, in order for us to be able to win the Project Independent Featured Artist of 2010! Then, we need you to pass along this information to every person you know, friends, family, coworkers, classmates, arch enemies, stalkers, ex-love affairs, etc…so that they can also help support us and get us through the three voting rounds!

Now the voting is all online via the website www.projectindependent.net, and it is held in three rounds. The first is from December 1 to December 10 and will feature 122 artists, but only 61 will advance to the second round. This will be held from the 11th to the 20th and only the top 20 will proceed. Finally, the third round will be from the 21st to the 30th with the artist receiving the highest number of votes during this round to become the next Project Featured Artist, announced January 1st!

Again, we are very excited for this, and we hope that as many of you as possible can help support us so we can win the showcase! If so, this means we will finally get a chance to tour nationally at a city near you, and with that be able to set things up to potentially tour Europe as well! Plus, we will have the means to properly record and release our next full-length album! So please everyone, show your support and help us become the next Project Independent Featured Artist!

Thank you so much, Frozen Eternity