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Hey Whats up, It's 2008 and the plan for this year is to go hard. The first thing comming out this year is gonna be The A-Town Allstars Mixtape, which will consist of tracks from artists who epidimize what Acton is all about. Some Artists that are gonna Be on The Mixtape are Mitesh, Young K, JayCee, 2 Yung, Bones, and The Prodical Son. The CD will be released under the label ILLimitable Entertainment which is our own label, The Idea being That their are no limits to this. The Studio/Booth Is fully operational now and kicking tracks out daily. We've been working hard getting our skills up, spending countless nights smoking blunts, freestyling and writing tracks and now they are in the Process of being recorded. 2008 Is our year to show people that we're not a joke, there is some serious talent here and you're going to have to recognize it. Thanks for all of the support so far, we put hundreds of hours into the music for you and we just hope that you are enjoying it. Pump your Speakers, and Puff your Blunts Peace

Chapter 1: The Mixtape

What up yall, Here is the track list for my first mixtape Chapter 1, Its all available for download (The only thing not on the site is the intro) Check it out 1.Intro Big Pun 2.Home Sweet Home The Prodical Son 3.King of the Hill The Prodical Son 4.Save the world Cookbook The Prodical Son 5.Clever Minds The Prodical Son, Robbie G, Bones 6.Hang Low (Remix) The Prodical Son 7. Do Dat n Doi (Remix) The Prodical Son, Robbie G, Kow-boi 8.Games The Prodical Son, Josh Conrad, Robbie G 9.Something Tight The Prodical Son 10.Fire The Prodical Son, Josh Conrad, Robbie G 11.Falling Tears The Prodical Son 12.Can't tell me nothin (Remix) The Prodical Son 13.The Real The Prodical Son 14. What You Say The Prodical Son, Robbie G, Kow-boi 15.Say Goodbye The Prodical Son, Josh Conrad, Robbie G 16. My Turn The Prodical Son 17.Tragically Hip The Prodical Son 18.Blame the Parents The Prodical Son 19.The Truth The Prodical Son & Mitesh 20.Dear Mama The Prodical Son, Robbie G 21.Oh No (What happened) The Prodical Son, Young K, Mitesh 22.Untouchables The Prodical Son, Bones 23.Give it Away (acapella) The Prodical Son 24.Why I'm Hot (Remix)* The Prodical Son, Robbie G 25.Lock n Load The Prodical Son, Young K 26.The Real Street Shit The Prodical Son, Phat Matt, Robbie G 27.The One The Prodical Son 28.Whats the Difference The Prodical Son 29.Still The Prodical Son, Bones 30.The Revelation The Prodical Son, Robbie G 31.The Anthem The Prodical Son, Robbie G

What up Yall

Yo Whats up, My Name is Chris Teggart AKA The Prodical Son, and an emcee I'm from the small town of Limehouse, Ontario. (What up Canada!) I've always loved rhyming words and been interested in poetry and entertaining people when I was younger and once I deiscovered Hip-Hop I fell in love. I felt like I could relate with the fact that the artists were talking about comming from being broke and having nothing.I started freestyling shortly after I started smoking weed, and it wasn't long after that I started writing Rhymes. Since then I've Put together My first Mixtape: Chapter 1, And am about halfway done my second. Ive had a large influence from artists like Tupac, DMX, Classified, Eminem, KRS-One, Nas, Killa Priest, and many others. I think everyone is getting really tired of the type of music being played in the mainstream right now and my music is a nice real alternative. I try to deliver an educated approach on what I feel to be important topics, or sometimes i just kick ill flows. Check my shit out at Http://Chris.Teggart.googlepages.com, www.myspace.com/christeggart or e-mail me at Chris_Teggart@hotmail.com , Thanks for taking the time to check my shit out, I really appreceiate it. Keep your head up Peace