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What’s up Rage Brigade??!! Here’s an update on what Blinded By Rage is doing this month! BBR is in the studio once again recording the highly anticipated second volume of the Green Mountain Beat Down series. The songs are stronger and heavier then the first album, if you can believe that!! The songs are as follows, Nameless, Left Hook, After the Agony, Blue Collar Kings, and Alone We Break. The theme is heavy and raw. Much like your step-father coming home from a weekend bender with your uncles.

BBR is recording with Mark Lucia at Madcow once again, as Mark is the only game in town worth the money and experience. Plus, Mark listens and takes a verbal beating better then anyone they know. Once the CD is finalized and wrapped up in a little cellophane package, BBR will be holding a CD release party in the honor of the ....Green.. ..Mountain...., Beat Downs! The date will be set as soon as they have the CD’s on order. As well, BBR will be ordering more merch as they pretty much sold all of it at the last show. So if you have any requests, hit them up with your ideas, shoe sizes, bra sizes, panty preference, sweat bands, stickers and if you want them to bring it to your house. If you want them to date your mom or just play in your backyard to piss your neighbors off, call, txt, Tweet, email, snail mail or come see them at their shows and let them know.

Keep it Brutal