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Jazzology on Ssassy Radio, Atlanta Georgia

Lock it all down Wednesday July 13th 2-8pm EST for some of the best jazz, I'm rolling hard with thought and awarness of today to start the show with new music from Clive Barratt, Skyler Jett, then working my Classic Cut Artist sax man Richard Elliott with "Camella" then coming with new from artist like Rock Hendricks, Dorie Pride, Keyan Williams, Jef Kearns, Eugene Hunter Jr., Paul Dozier, Nick Colionne, Lowell Hopper, Nj Pro -Jace Jace Nicholas, Carmen Medina-Sings, MikaelMusix Group, Michel Zanoboli, Ivona Ivona Pavic, Gabriel Bey, Michael Anthony Fields, Gary Palmer, Kerensa Gray, Utoian Utopian-Dreams Band, Danny Pickering, BlendJazz, Tim Watson feat Phillip Denny, Sam Hankins feat Audley Reid II, Andrea Miller and your favorite artist like Joe Leavy, Rod Williams feat Sarai Sarai and Darrell G Looney, Isaac Byrd Jr. feat Tony Exum Jr, JoAnna Johnson, Robert Damper, Vel Lewis, Kolette Easy, David McLorren, Robert Lee Balderrama, David Jones, Tia Harris-Roseboro, Andre Ward feat Janice Dempsey and many many more great jazz artist coming your. Right at the best place for jazz; Jazzology with Keith G on Ssassy Radio - Atlanta www.ssassyradio.com Ssassy Radio http://www.ssassyradio.com/studio-1/ Ssassy Radio TuneIn.com for all your mobile devices @ http://tunein.com/radio/SsassyRadio-s240658/

TalentCast Radio's Song of the Week Contest

Thank-you all of you who voted for me in TalentCast's Song of the Week contest. My song "Tonight You're Going Out" won. As a result, it will be re-aired on this week's show. It will also be integrated into EDE FM' 107.3's regular music programming this week, guaranteeing at least 40 actual FM radio plays.

New Voting Project - ArtistSignal

I signed up with ArtistSignal on April 27th: https://artistsignal.com/clivebarratt I would be very grateful to anyone who can take the time to vote for me there occasionally. I will also be adding a few incentives such as song downloads to those who make the effort to vote several times. The first incentive I have added starts at 20 votes.

CBC Radio Searchlight Contest

Thank-you to all of you who voted for me in CBC Radio's Searchlight contest. I did not get enough votes to make it into round-2. I have no idea how close I may have come to getting into the next round because CBC unfortunately doesn't post vote count results. I'll probably try again next year and perhaps promote a little more than I did this year, or find a few more friends to add to my list to help out for next year :-)

CBC Radio Searchlight Contest - Your Votes Needed

CBC Radio has the "Searchlight" Contest underway. The first round of eliminations runs from Mar 30 to Apr 13. I am relying on people like you to vote for my song "I Miss You" to help me get into the second round. I would be very grateful if you would follow this link and vote for my song "I Miss You". My sincere thanks. Clive Barratt http://music.cbc.ca/cbcsearchlight/?id=286403

Interview on Fame Music Radio all week 27 Feb - 5 Mar

Fame Music Radio with DJ George Hegelmann & Wolf Pack Music with DJ "Wolfman" present "The Pack Show". In this show, I am interviewed and songs from my new album "Wall Of Storms" will be played. This edition of the show was recorded on Friday, Feb 27 and Twill be re-aired all week until March 5th. http://www.famemusic.co.za or try http://famemusicradio.listen2myradio.com/

Fame Music Radio - Clive Barratt Interview & Music

Fame Music Radio & Wolf Pack Muzic present Clive Barratt & music from his recently released album WALL OF STORMS on "The Pack Show". The show will include a live interview will air this Friday, Feb 27 from 7 pm -10 pm PST (California time). http://www.famemusic.co.za

"Wall of Storms" now on CD Baby

WALL OF STORMS the debut CD by Clive Barratt is now available on CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/clivebarratt2 WALL OF STORMS has 12 original tracks. You can buy individual tracks for $0.99 each, or buy the entire album for just $9.99, and get all 12 songs for the price of 10.

Levi R
Levi R  (almost 3 years ago)

I think your new album is amazing, Clive. You clearly put a lot of thought into writing these songs.

New Song On TalentCast - Please Vote

Playing this week on TalentCast radio - Hear the new album version of 'I Miss You'. Listen to the entire show at https://talentcast.nl/listen.php?page=podcast. Every song on the show is excellent. You can also vote for your favourite song at https://talentcast.nl/vote.php... Voting Closes Monday evening in Europe (Monday morning in North America) Please vote.


PLEASE VOTE for me & my song THESE ARE THE RULES, on CBC Radio's SEARCHLIGHT Contest ("Vancouver - On The Coast" region) - http://music.cbc.ca/#/Searchlight-On-The-Coast

On the voting page, you can save time by typing "Clive Barratt" in the search box. My name will pop up after just a few letters.

140 artists are entered in Vancouver's "On The Coast" region. Of those, 20 will survive to Round-1. Only with your help, will I have a chance of getting through to Round-2.

You can vote once a day, everyday until Sunday April 6th, when Round-1 ends.

Thank you