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Hello, fans. We're writing not to keep our brand engaged and ourselves planted firmly at the top of the local rock charts, but because we love you.


For those of you still reading, dad, we are currently holed up in the jam room working on a batch of new songs, which we hope will see the light of day just a little later this year.

You may have heard some of the new jams in some early form at our recent gigs. If you haven't, catch a taste of the new material at our next show. We're playing with Chrome Moses and Paddy the Wanderer at Spirit in February. It's gonna be a real swingin' time, and one of our last gigs until the next one.

Thanks for reading, sharing, engaging, clicking, liking, posting, tweeting, blogging and #branding. We love you all.


Gashouse Radio Spinning Live NOW

Gashouse Radio is spinning our stuff this hour. Be sure to open up the music player, scope the podcast and hit the ol' thumbs up machine whenever you hear that sweet, sweet gardens.


Riff Fest '97

We are playing a fake reunion show for a make-believe rock festival called Riff Fest '97 with our pals The Semi-Supervillains and There Your Are. Details are in our show info and you don't want to miss this one. For the riffs. And the bankrupt 90s department store jokes. Mostly for the jokes.

Debut CDs are HERE!

We're pumped! First batch of physical CDs just landed in the mail yesterday and they look killer! Pick one up at our show this Saturday at the Smiling Moose, or hit us up directly. We'll have an online buy link up reaaaal soon.

Shelly Watson
Shelly Watson  (almost 2 years ago)

Sorry, old school, I'm not asking for 8track or cassette, but would love to purchase a CD! How?

Turnpike Gardens
Turnpike Gardens  (almost 2 years ago)

Hey there! You can pick up a digital copy of our album or a physical cd from our bandcamp page https://turnpikegardens.bandcamp.com. And are you sure we can't interest you in an 8track?


Hey yo yo yo hey yo, what's up. We hope you enjoyed the acoustic video we dropped for our song Just Say When. We received a pretty positive response from it and want to thank you guys for that. We're making the song available as an mp3, which you can download and take with you and play in your car or on your sony walkman wherever you go. The download link is available right here in the reverbnation audio player. Download it and share with all your pals, and come watch us play a bunch of other songs Sunday, December 14 at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. Tickets here, buy online and come watch us shred || http://goo.gl/F8ttYz || Peace!

New Live Acoustic Video

Yooooo! If you guys missed it, we've taken the next step in our evolution as a band and begun to destroy not just the audio medium, but the visual medium, too. We shot and recorded an acoustic version of our song "Just Say When," a track off our upcoming LP. This cut is a big departure from everything we've ever done, and what an improvement (no drummer!). Check it out, it's a different vibe and we're all really proud of and honored by the fantastic, talented work we've done here. You don't know how welcome you are.

Thanks Y'all

If you guys made it out to our show at Mr. Smalls last Saturday, thanks for making it killer. That's the most fun we've ever had playing a show. What a venue.

Press Kit Available

Some techy stuff on ya, but if you're a venue or promoter interested in our jams, we now have a nice, shiny EPK to share with you. Send us a line and we can send the goods along pronto.

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

Our song "Figure It Out for Yourself" was recently featured on the Tell 'Em Steve Dave podcast. Many thanks to the guys on the show for featuring our work. You can check out the whole episode (our song closes out the show) here -- http://smodcast.com/episodes/the-cuckoo-lady/

New EP Jams

Yew! You fine people may have noticed already, but we are happy to have dropped the first two tracks off our forthcoming EP, Figure It Out for Yourself and Needle to the Groove. The songs are *nearing* completion as we look for some big time bigshot to put the finishing touches on the mad work Nick has already done. They'll be part of a four-track EP that we're gearing up to release in a few weeks. Be sure to give the songs a listen, do all that social sharing stuff you kids know how to do and check out our page for info and tickets on our upcoming show, August 22nd at the Smiling Moose.