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Summer 2013

Happy Summer Guys! We hope all is well.

Its been a minute since I've sent a Newslettter, too long really. This is what has happened lately...

We released our music video to No Direction. If you havent seen it it can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/S9Olx7xjImk

We are currently writing a full lenth album. We have about 8 songs "completed." Four we are current;y playing live right now and you can likely find on youtube. Those 4 songs are titled "Edge," Stream," "Borrowed Time" and "When I'm Under" We are trying to finish these last few songs as soon as possible. We have visited several studios over the past couple of months but have yet to decide on a producer/studio.

We recently played headlined a show at Trees and it was one of the best shows we've had in a while. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it an epic night,. DFW.com correspondent Steve Watkins came out and gave us a really nice review which can be found here: http://www.dfw.com/2013/06/17/803650/concert-review-the-raven-charter.html

Also we are now #5 on Reverbnation on the Dallas- Rock Charts!! Thanks to you!

So as far as the future is concerned, we have a lot of shows booked over the next couple of months:

July 19th at Tomcats West in Fort Worth with Baby Bee July 26th The whole band is going to The Dillinger Escape Plan show at the House of Blues- come join us! July 27th at Hydrous Wake Park on Lake Lewisville August 10th at The Boiler Room in Dallas August 16th at Bryan St Tavern in Dallas August 18th at Hailey's in Denton with Stolas August 31 at Fitzgeralds in Houston

We hope you can make it out to one or more of these shows! And we hope to get some of these new songs finished in the meantime. Thank you for your love and support it means the world to us. We do this for you.

The Raven Charter New Shows and Album 2013

Happy 2013 everyone! We hope your year is starting off really nice, ours is! We've been very busy writing new material for our first full length album and using various methods to do so. It has been a very collaborative process and a lot of fun. So far we have about 14 or so songs on the table. There may be a few more to come and more than likely some will be shed before the album is finished. We will be playing at least 2 of them at our next show! Our next show is Feburary 15th at Tomcats West in Fort Worth with Hawthorne Heights, (yeah that Hawthorne Heights from like 5-6 years ago!), We'rewolf Therewolf, Riffe, First Turn, and One Soul. Pre Sale Tickets are available through us for $15. if you would like to purchase any feel free to txt or call me at 817-247-1682 , Msg us on Facebook or email us at raven.charter@yahoo.com and we will get them to you. Also we will be going back down to Austin this year during SXSW! We will be playing a FREE show on the corner of 7th and Neches representing the Heart of Texas Rockfest, one of the many other festivals going on in downtown Austin the week of March 13-17. The tentative date is Saturday March 16th and we will keep you posted once the time is finalized. We also have submitted to play a couple of other shows down there during that week and will let you know if any of those develop! We are very excited about what is to come this year and we cant wait to show you all these new ideas! Thanks so much for supporting us and enjoying us. We love you and we hope to se you at our next show. Cheers! -Sosa


Whats up guys!! So here's whats new in The Raven Charter world today: We've been working with allaboutmyband.com to get a promotional campaign going and have recently had a photoshoot and will be shooting a music video this Friday and Saturday. We are playing Friday night at Trees with the Mad Meaxicans, Fantasma and Greysmyth but will simultaneously be shooting our music video. Presale tickets for the show are $10 and are available through us; if you would like to come out and be featured please do! We want to have as many of you guys out there as possible, its all about ya'll! Our next show will be in Denton at Andy's on Sep 22 with Werewolf Therewolf, Southern Train Gypsy, and Dark Horse Darling. It's also going to be my birthday show so we plan on having a huge party after the show, we hope you can join us. Now that Brian is setteled in with the role of our drummer we are starting to write new material and will be showing you guys what we've got in the near future. The next few months will be bringing a lot to the "new" Raven Charter and we hope you join us through it all. We look forward to it. Again thank you for all the love and support and we hope to see you soon. -Sosa

No Direction release!

Our new track "No Direction" is up on our Reverb Nation!!! Go check it out and feel free to let us know what you think!! "No Direction" and "Freela Deela" are the 2 songs we tracked at Reeltime Audio in Denton with Eric Delegard. Eric also recorded most of The Kidnapping EP as well as mixed it. Mastering on these two tracks as well as The Kidnapping EP was done by our good friend Dale Brunson, formerly of Werewolf Therewolf. A big fat thank you to both of them for making these recordings sound as good as they do. Speaking of Werewolf Therewolf, our very own Brandon Bond has joined the group as their 2nd guitarist. We are very excited for Brandon and WWTW and are looking forward to the new sound that they are working on. Those guys have been friends with us for years and I personally feel they are our "brother band." After practicing at Storage Depot together in Denton, playing countless shows together (including our Video Release in Denton, Cd Release at Trees and playing the Periphery show with us last April) ,and even taking their Drummer at the time Chris Summers on the road with us to Austin and Houston in 2010, its now even cooler to have one more thing to have in common. We wish Brandon, Daniel, Aaron, Carlo, and Rydell the best in the future. We will be releasing the other song "Freela Deela" in the oncoming weeks and will return to the stage in June. Look forward to seeing all of you then!

Brian Christie Joins the Band


Whats up guys we know its been a long time but I am very excited to share some very good news with you. The Raven Charter is up and running again and will be working on new music and playing shows very soon! A lot has happened in the past few months so in case you are wondering let me recap.

After our CD Release for The Kidnapping at Trees in August last year, our drummer StephenThacker informed us that he would be joining the Army. It really was the best situation for him and there are no hard feelings between him and the band. Fortunately we had his services until November so we quickly played some more shows, and wrote and recorded a couple of new songs before his departure. Our last show with him was Nov 18th, 2011 at Tomcats west with The Bled (coincidentally for their Farewell show) and it was a great way to say goodbye. After that ,December and Janurary were very busy months for everyone and we reconvened in Feburary to start the audition process. After a few months of tryouts we believe we have found our man. His name is Brian Christie and he is from Kansas City, recently moved to Dallas almost a year ago. We all are very excited about working with him and are looking forward to playing shows and moving forward.

So now what...

Well first we release those new songs. Here in the coming weeks we will debut "No Direction" and "Freela Deela," songs we have been playing live for a few months but very few have heard the recordings. They sound amazing thanks again to Eric Delegard, our compatriot up in Denton,and we cant wait to show you guys.

We plan that our first show back will be in the middle of June, and try hit Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth in rapid succession. As soon as dates are posted we will let you know.

Also we will be posting some videos of us practicing and working with Brian on new idea's and such so stay tuned.

And on belhalf of all The Raven Charter guys I want to give a sincere Thank You for being a Raven Charter fan and sticking it out with us, we really appreciate your support and it means the world to us. Much love and we cant wait to see you soon.


To NEW Things!

If you have been out to a Raven Charter show this summer, then you know we have been changing a lot of things up. We are pleased to be working with Garrett Bond (Brandon's brother) as a new vocalist. If you haven't seen him in action yet, he's a beast of a singer and his entry into the equation has allowed us to address many things in our performance and band dynamic that we were previously unable to do.

We have some new tracks out and some new ones on the way; be sure to check out our profile for all the latest news as we continue to integrate Garrett into the set. We are also working on entering some new markets in the region over the course of the next year so be sure to look for us all over Texas, Oklahoma and beyond throughout the rest of 2010 and 2011. We'll be in DALLAS at TREES on FRIDAY, and in FT. WORTH at RIDGLEA THEATER on SATURDAY, we're making our first return to Austin next month, and are working on a number of other tickets as well. So come check out the new things going on for TRC.

We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the support of you guys over the past 5 years. While there have been some stumbles and changes along the way, our path has generally been one of growth and we would not still be on it if it weren't for the great friends and fans we have in DFW and beyond. Thanks so much for taking us this far, I assure you the good things are only getting started.