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Holding it Down (Lyrics) - Off upcoming album

This song is going to blow your minds.... :)

"HOLDING IT DOWN" Written by Dissikuss

Everything I am is everything I'm going be And everything I know is everything I see Everybody round me is knowin tellin me Can't live my own life when livin ain't free

So tell me what you make of it Takin it to the breakin point of no return No hatin on it- point taken It's my turn I've learned that people come and go It's hard when your mind ain't connected to your soul Wanderin aimlessly so impatiently abrasive and I see so many faceless G's Got a gift / don't know where it's taking me Eh? This is my voice and my message loud and clear Keep my homies close and my enemies in my rear View em only when I'm near em - fear em and I'll fold Too cold this winter to be caring what they hold I know living righteously is light fighting my disease Honestly, I decree to control my own destiny

Hard lines took time to break it It's my life, Im'ma make it I keep holding it down for you I found my inspiration It's my life I won't waste it I'm still holding it down for you So til the day I rest in peace I releain this aggressive speech to appease em - if no loyalty then i'M turnin up that heat degrees'll burn em like an effigy Peel the fear up off of me hate got nottin to offer me Its such a farce maybe a larceny its cost me a lot but I wont be stoppin me hip hops a hard target dissikuss is a monster be careful who you take under your wing listen to the words wonder as they sing is this another angel cloaked in the devil's clothes? callous n veiled / a wolf in a sheep's robe guess we'll never know so I'll flow with my time I gotta show god for forgiveness if you believe in what is written spittin venom at them snakes take what is given I've risen to the point where I'm above it Lived too long to care - Risen too high to dare Never come down now I'm here inside my mind I still...


So I recently downloaded a friend's mixtape... which was fucking funny as shit: http://www.mcheatrash.com - and realized I do not release enough material for you. So I am buckling down while waiting for the studio mixes of "Revelations" from my magician producer Sean "Two Bit" Lennox... and I am going to record a mixtape ALL weekend. FREE GIVEAWAY. Holla, happy Easter bitches. Dissikuss

Happy Valentine's Day

So yesterday I had a thought. No matter what we go through, I will always be married to this music. It drives me. It gives me an avenue to process my thoughts and sort through my troubles, and accept my successes. It is my driving force. A little while ago I was working on a song called "Stay True to Me" which was my ode to the love of my life: this music. Stay tuned... the new music is much more of a progression musically and an introspective look into my own faith, love and soul. And of course... shits bangin!!! One love. D~

Hip Hop Canada review - Life Story

Feb 8, 2010 I was just featured on the Hip Hop Canada website after an email interview with Amalia Judith. The review is up!! Thanks for your support HHC and Amalia! To check out the full story click here: http://www.hiphopcanada.com/2011/02/dissikuss-life-story-audio

Studio session last week

Feb 7, 2011 Finished another dope session with Mr Sean TWO BIT Lennox last Friday... and we fucking nailed it. Spent little over an hour on one track "My Highway", and it sounds like some of the best work I've done to date.... pretty excited about it. As I move forward, I realize that time keeps on tickin' New Music VERY soon y'all... For now, enjoy the videos on my page... new stuff comin. Peace and luv Diss

Studio update 01-25-11

"This is my highway dark at times... I find this road sign-less and timeless so I stay between the lines" - My Highway (2011) On Friday I enter the second chapter of my recording life by going into the studio with acclaimed local Hip Hop producer, Sean "Two Bit" Lennox to work on my follow-up to last year's "Collateral Damage". Sean has produced over 10 albums and worked with numerous local (Vancouver) and international artists and labels. I am quite excited to say the least. The EP is yet to be named but the songs have been chosen after spending nine months in my pre-production booth crafting them. There is definitely a progression from the last album, which was a mish-mash of various styles of my rap and poetry. You will not see any "Vocal Gymnastics" on this record, as I have been really following my heart and sticking with more introspective melodies. The beats though.... are MINT. Here is a track listing (in no particular order) for the new EP, yet to be titled: LIFE STORY MY HIGHWAY DON'T BELONG PETER'S GATES WITHIN REASON A preview of LIFE STORY can be heard now from the recording Sean and I did at NIMBUS SCHOOL FOR THE RECORDING ARTS (owned by legendary producer GGGarth Richardson). You can download this from my Reverbnation tunepak at www.reverbnation.com/dissikuss. Please share and send to everyone you know! The new album will contain a different version of this song, so get this one while you can! As I said, I am excited to embark on this new journey with you all and show you a different side of me that was vacant from the last album. Stay tuned! Dissikuss dissikuss@gmail.com


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