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Killer show at NYP!!!

June 28th, we'll be playing at New York Pizza In Greensboro with Hammer No More the Fingers, Julian Sizemore and Harry! Wow, what a lineup. Also been at On Pop of the World Studios finishing up some tracks recently. The album's sounding awesome. See youse guys in a couple weeks... tb


Hi all. Laser Rays house show? Say word, son. TYP house March 23rd with Black Santa, Religious Girls and Focus Group. This house has super-epic shows so you should definitely come. Yes, you should. Ask someone for directions. Don't want that addy being public yaknowwhuddimean?

New show, New merch

Look for us Tuesday, March 5th at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, playing with local weirdoes, Eros and the Eschaton and DRGN King (from Brooklyn!!). I would also like to announce that we have a big ol' string of Laser Rays kitchen magnets available along with posters. You should give me a completely superfluous amount of money in exchange for these items. Also, don't forget to get the official demo CD!!! Weeeee!!!!

Only a dummy would miss this next show.

We're so happy to be playing at the Flat Iron in Greensboro NC December 29th. Our friends, James Marshall Owen and Mat Masterson will be in town from Austin TX and Hawaii, respectively. Be there to catch sets from them along with Matty Sheets and the Blockheads, Jack Carter and the Armory, and The Old One Two. A true line-up of Greensboro's musical elite. DON'T BE A DUMMY. COME PARTY UP WITH US!!!

Greene street show

Playing at Greene Street club in Greensboro, NC November 2nd with Jonas Sees in Color, the Lake Isle, and Corporate Fandango. Tickets are $10 at the door, $8 in advance. Come pop a rock off!

New record, new band

Figured I'd give you guys a snippet about what the future holds for Taylor Bays and the Laser Rays. There's a new band line-up and a new record being recorded. Watch out for new gigs coming up soon.

This is a blog.

The Future of Stupid. The hot EP by Antigravity Animated. On sale. 5 bucks. Come get it.