Adrenaline Open Vocal Auditions

Hey guys, Kiah here. Been having a lot of breakthroughs in the studio, it's about I time I share a few sneak peeks :) Adrenaline, brand new track off the upcoming sophomore album "Hate & Harmony" is currently open for vocal auditions. As you will hear right off the bat, Adrenaline is extremely aggressive for The Measure, grabs you from 0:01 and doesn't let go until for nearly 5 minutes. I am looking forward to all the submissions over the month, and excited to select my winner(s?)

So send an email with the subject line "Adrenaline Vocals" I will return your message with the song attached and details. Good luck, have fun and rock out!

THE MEASURE contact@themeasure.net


Brand new single just released featuring the vocal talents Miss Lindsey Church. Be sure to pick up your copy here on Reverb or choose your format on Bandcamp. http://aclearmind.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/themeasure Lyrics:

"I am a monster I'll make you wonder Whats underneath, behind the scenes Beg and plead, hold the key Lock the cage when you leave

Who am I? Divided inside You will never survive

When no ones looking I will take hold You don't need anyone I'm in control I'm your despair I'm everywhere I'm the mask that you wear

Who am I? Divided inside You will never survive

I will find you I will define you And I will wreck you of what you've become

Who am I? Divided inside You will never survive"

All lyrics written by Lindsey Church. All rights reserved. 2012 The Measure

The Measure is BACK!

After a 6 month hiatus The Measure is back writing in the studio developing a new kick ass sound to deliver. Packed with beefy tones, grabbing hooks, intensity and precision while resurrecting The Measure sound. Gear up for an exciting sophomore release with a few surprises this year! Much love to all my fans -Kiah

Vocal Contest Winners Selected!

As many of you know I have hosted a vocal contest for my 2011 single, "Pushing Limits" I want to start off thanking all of you for your submissions, there is definitely a lot of talent out there! I am here to announce I will be featuring two winners on the track. It was a difficult decision to decide between the two finalists, so I unleashed a little studio magic to get both well blended into the mix. Congratulations to:

Lindsey Church of Reflection http://myspace.com/reflectionsounds

Zaq Flanary of Sovereign Citizen http://sovcitizen.com

The final mix is being mastered this week, ready for launch in August. The artwork for the single is in the early stages of development but will be available with the .mp3 .wav .flac or .wma file purchase through your favorite online retailer.


The opening week is going to be huge guys. We need everyone to share the track on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, all of your favorite social networks and help enlighten those who have yet to discover The Measure. Hard copies of the single will be mailed to my street team members upon request and soon available at all your local retail stores. Send inquiries to contact@aclearmind.net

There has been blood, sweat and tears pulled into this powerful track and it has promise to blow everyone away!

Thanks go out to the loyal fans, street teams and to the newcomers, welcome to The Measure family.... this is all for you

-Kiah facebook.com/themeasure

Vocal Contest: Pushing Limits

The Measure is inviting aspired vocalists of all genres and styles to audition for the next guest vocalist on my brand new single "Pushing Limits"

WINNERS The top three performances will be selected and featured on the Pushing Limits EP and will be available and sold on all major online retail stores and social networks. Each of which will receive a signed copy of the debut A Clear Mind and a pullover hoodie!

RULES It's very simple, the track is free to download off ReverbNation however I recommend you pick it up off of SoundCloud (for the .wav quality.) The title and topic must stay the same however the lyrics, progressions and patterns are entirely up to you.

SUBMISSION Mixdown your raw vocal tracks into .wav format, and email it to me. If you have any questions or comments you may send them along. Be sure to include your name, band/stage name and website and/or Myspace

The winner will be announced June 15th 2011.

Have fun and good luck!

Kiah contact@aclearmind.net www.aclearmind.net www.soundcloud.com/aclearmind

Pushing Limits

The Measure is working on his second Single to follow up to the successful launch of A Clear Mind, entitled "Pushing Limits" A track exploding with energy, thought, and emotion is perfectly titled, gives you the same thoughtful feeling you would expect from TOOL or NINE INCH NAILS. A soothing melody, grabs you from the get go backed by powerful guitars driving you through the motion, and powerful drum work establishes an epic feeling of determination and perseverance. Towards the climax of the song you are sucked in and zoned out by the visual and eerie whammy guitar taps followed by a complex ma thematic progression you would expect out of MESHUGGAH, or BATTLES.

The track should be finished by early of May 2011 and available exclusively to fans for a free download from ReverbNation and Facebook.

Thanks for being on the mailing list, we look forward to sharing this exciting track with you very soon.


The Measure Street Team Management

"Even After" is coming...

The Measure is developing his first 2011 single "Even After" an explosive, tear jerking song about life after death. The first song of The Measure to incorporate piano that adds a soft and delicate yet powerful connotation to the song. The song sits just over 2:10 in duration but makes up for it with the instant catchy melodies and hooks.

Kiah (Adam Ingram) spent a few weeks absorbing ideas from two very different influences he felt compelled were destined to meet, post rock's well known "Explosions in the Sky" with industrial rock's renowned "Nine Inch Nails". There will be lyrics to this song performed by Lindsey Church of Reflection.

THE IDEA: is between two soul mates, one of which who has left this Earth years before expected and the lyrics are in first person of the one who is left behind. The overall feel sends a clash of a dark, dreary feeling while collaborating with positive lyrics of passion and certainty that the two lovers are never apart and will be together again, Even After one has left this plain of existence.

Kiah looks to have the final mix mastered and ready for distribution by the end of January 2011. He plans on dropping this song in every avenue of social networks, media sources, EPK's and will be submitted to local and online radio stations.

Thanks for all the love and support, be sure to catch your FREE copy of the track by signing up on The Measure's mailing list, or by joining The Measure street team here on ReverbNation.


-The Measure Street Team

contact@aclearmind.net http://www.reverbnation.com/aclearmind http://www.aclearmind.net


THE MEASURE is currently finishing up A Clear Mind and getting ready for the debut release come this July.

As of now, I am currently hand selecting a variety of vocal styles and techniques to really had some fuel to this fire. I have several artists on board across the Pacific Northwest and if you come across this page, enjoy the experience, and want to collaborate ideas and throw some vox down, please feel free to write. I am looking for a second album filled with contributions throughout the country all bringing in new flavors and twists to this project. The final selected vocalists will see royalties for album sales.

I do ask that only serious inquiries are sent please. This music comes from the heart, and regardless, needs that conveyed through every track, no matter the vox style.

Thanks everyone