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When One Appears

When one appears, in mellowest dreams A ghostly figure, from long-gone themes Nostalgic melancholy, t'will fill the air With all one's past regrets laid bare.

When one appears, the sky grows thin Can make her smile, can touch her skin The door knocks, Awake, A brand new day Her physical presence, now miles away.

Strange it is, when one believes Their heartbreak gone, their soul, retriev'd But once their sleeping back be turn'd, Surprise. Surprise. One's woes, return'd.

I s'pose there's nothing to be fear'd I've bled my blood, I've cried my tears But if one's heart hath now grown cold Then why this glance of feelings, old?

But time I've not, to think this through For hours are short, the day is new Have heavy feet fell through the ice? Hath Cupid's arrow struck me twice?

The raging wind blows helpless trees Carnage, Reflects one's mind, it seems 'Cos no one's heart may be so clean When one appears, in mellowest dreams.

The Book Of Beelzebub (Part II)

I am the angel, of who'm they foretold But I am the winter who murders the old.

I am the hedonist, champion of sin But I am the conscience to rise from within.

I am the savior, of sights and of sounds But I am the jealousy, hoping you'll drown.

I am the helper, who aids those in need But I am the sadist who'll then watch them bleed.

I am the darling, who comes from above But I am the fire that burns all that you love.

I am the friend, who'll see others released But I am the fate that will see them deceased.

I am the axis, that drives the Earth's course But I am the daemon, devoid of remorse.

I, purveyor of all England's ways But I am the Brexit who'll see it decay.

I am the wisdom, the words to the wise But I am the teardrops betraying your eyes.

I am the glory, the hope and the pride But I am the darkness that eats you inside.

Pretend to be friendly. Your "homie". Your "bud" Then smile as the rivers run red with your blood.


The howling cry of an anguished laugh A haunting voice in a photograph Perversely joyful, twisted, strange Condemned the soul to a path, derranged.

The chains that bind our darkest whims Our ravaged minds and tortured limbs A tock. A tick. A clock. A click. The vision revealed. The soul turn'd sick.

The hopeless moan in those bright young eyes A view that one could hypnotise Mere voyeur, helpless, unengaged Turned mildest soul to putrid rage.

The dreaded clang of the penny's drop The white noise rings and ne'er doth stop Remain'd the lepper, forever same And solitary, be thy name.

The haunting face within the frame With youth and wonder on the wane And as the sands of time drift by The ease to lose the will to try.


Mockingbird, mockingbird, wings of steel Makes it seem these dreams are real Mockingbird, mocingbird, here please stay Where raspberry meadows line the way.

Mockingbird, mockingbird, songs she sings Words of wisdom to ease the sting Mockingbird, mockingbird, innocence being Though purest white, be not what I see.

Mockingbird, mockingbird, the warrior falls Replac'd by honesty, enclos'd in walls Mockingbird, mockingbird, the sweat of gold Her heart is warm, turns mine to cold.

Mockingbird, mockingbird, achieve thy goal Though outside force may grip your soul Mockingbird, mockingbird, pray see this through There's still our place on snowy dews.

Mockingbird, mockingbird, no wizard am I And nor I see beyond your time But please, make me not stray and strife And share, with me your golden life.

Frosty White Snowflakes

Frosty white snowflakes, dripp'd 'n' draped on trees of green Deja vu, t'was thought the time of cold and frost, departed Gone have months, since this darken'd, mellow blue be started And still, one cannot escape from nature's cruel, black machine Thy winter's solemnly ghost, appears before us in our dreams Rewinds our minds to darkest times, of climate's cold and life of strife For now, our minds be re-entwined, with sounds of soul's forgotten screams Icy windows; black inside, reflects our mood of torment, rife Brings forth the truth; that we all be nature's bludgeon'd wife And our lives, though often warm, be lived in fear of nature's knife.

Frosty white snowflakes, dripp'd 'n' draped o'er man-made walls Our hearts, our souls, our walls; cover'd well by nature's call Our lives, though sometimes gold, be liv'd in fear of nature's knife Our lives, now darken'd dour, remain'd in fear of nature's knife.

The Meliah

That starry night when I was born To virgin mum, or so she'd sworn When three wise men, came from the streets 'N' bearing gifts of fags and sweets.

My early days, enwrapp'd in shroud With daddy, sitting 'pon his cloud My carpentry; a renaissance I think I made a tent peg, once?

Then higher powers spoke to me Whilst drunk, 'n' pissing 'gainst a tree 'N' sent me to put you to mend With useless tales, devoid of end.

Take this Hovis, 'tis my being Pray eat with soup, remember me 'N' this Jack Daniel's, 'tis my blood Pray drink, forget how humans stood.

I'll walk on puddles to save your skin I'll kiss your lips. Absolve your sins I'll find your heart. Forgive your crimes I'll turn this money into wine.

Delusions guide my curs'ed path Besmirch me; feel my father's wrath I'll put your smile before my health I'll save all else before myself.

They'll punish me, for all my care They'll twist my nips 'n' armpit hair Though final supper, remain'd my will As long as Nando's splits the bill.

To follow me, then take the strain Is not to take my name in vain I'll take the toll, 'n' rise from death With pounding head, 'n' boozy breath.

In This Together

In this together, young and free Besides the clue that have not we In this together, us 'n' thee We cut you, then we watch you bleed.

In this together, paths we walk Tho' no food sits upon your fork In this together, wrote in chalk Eras'd when power 'n' money talks.

In this together, toughest choice We spend, then mail you the invoice In this together, now pray rejoice We cripple those who have no voice.

In this together, do what's right With "we" defin'd as "rich 'n' white" In this together, for you, we fight Tho' not for basic heat, nor light.

By this, We mean your life has run its course We crush uprising down with force We'll treat you like our worthless whores Without one flicker of remorse.

Heart Of A Star

When the doubts are descending And you're sleeping alone Feel it's better if you were gone Reach not for the bottle Give not unto fear 'Cos I have to let you know that you're wrong.

Nights of stargazing On a rustling moor Thoughts of you encircle my head Your eyes are amazing And your soul is a jewel But friendship is all that I intend.

And it always consumes me Every step of my shoes How you drive me unto my wit's end But I want to look after you I want to take care of you And us to laugh together again.

And we've both had friends turn against us before And we've both been betrayed But you've only got to look at where those people are now To know that you were right in the end.

You've got the heart of a star And I miss you whenever you go far 'Cos a star's what you are And you'll never know how special you are.

The Perfect Way To Waste A Day

My mate loves his tennis and fancied a game 'N' rang me to query if I felt the same I claim'd I had work to give him the slip When in truth, I really just wanted a kip.

The cinema beckon'd for my chum and I For clouds gather'd grimly in darkest of skies I wish I could join her, my dearest of pals Curse prior engagement with Youtube et al.

Friends messaged to see if after the light We'd paint the town red and get hammer'd tonight I toil'd with thoughts of taking the task But telly was good, so I couldn't be arsed.

It's my day to squander if I should so choose My head is a'pounding from yesternight's booze The line's off the hook, pray cease with your calls I'm busy this evening. I'm washing my balls.

The sun may be shining 'n' glistening gold But staying indoors be on what I am sold These countless excuses and thousands of ways To spurn and be wasteful. Most perfect of days.

Shooting Star

A brave young soul, assumed her plight To reach her greatest, grandest heights 'N' find her feet within this life A shooting star within the night.

They changed her name, appearance too No longer envied by the few The ride of fame, doth now ensue 'N' yet, her heart remain'd so true.

She sets herself up for the fall Whilst sprinting with that poison'd ball To think that one could have the gall To feel, she'd not emerge ten feet tall.

The flag is flying...sod that shite! She is herself because it's right A ray of sunshine in the light A shooting star within the night.