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New Pic's coming soon!

A Quick Thought From Heather...

I just wanted to wish you all a happy "Rocking" good time! Rock hard! Rock on! Have a blast while you do!!! Peace...

We're Back!!!!

It seems we have been away for awhile but we are back to let our friends and fans know we are alive and kicking! When the last blog was written, At Wits End was looking for a new bass guitarist and getting ready to add a rythm guitar player. Much has changed in the time that has passed. Heather Chambers is our bass player now and has been since right after the last blog. We ended up choosing not to add a rythmn guitar player and decided to remain a 3 piece band. We love the decisions we made and the line-up we have now.There have been no regrets or dissappointments whatsoever! At Wits End will be bringing you more news and smoking tunes in 2012! As for now Be safe, Be happy, and Rock On!--AWE

AT WITS END July Music News::

AT WITS END are still hard at work with new material and recording. We posted two new songs this week at ReverbNation.com and Soundclick. We Hope you will like them. One is called "Tangled Reigns" which was written by former member and guitarist Joey Edwards. A Classic that was well worth bringing our current sound to. Also we have posted a song called "Prelude To The Finale" by Mike Chambers, our current lead vocalist, guitarist, and bass player in the studio until we find one. That is another matter. We are still seeking a good bass player to round out the band. Hope we can find one soon. Otherwise things are going good. We look forward to incorporating Rick Moser's Guitar abilities into the band soon. You know something friends, this week we just had fun. At Wits End music is so fun to make because I have some very talented friends in Mike, Heather and Rick to work with. We are like a family. In fact me enjoyed a dinner cooked right at our practice place then finished these new tracks. We enjoy a good friendship most of all and that's what makes the music good. We are glad so many others like it because we sure love doing it. Thanks to all our friends and fans and we hope you had a blessed holiday July 4th and will have a great and safe week ahead.

Allen Cox AWE Band


At wits End are still hard at work on their new album due out this Summer. We have several singles for sale now in our store at Reverbnation. They are only $.99 each and your i-pod or mp3 player will thank you for it! Check out our shirts and other merchandise also for sale directly from At Wits End. http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_726242

At Wits End also welcomes a new member to the band. The name is Rick Moser and we are excited to have in now in our organization as a member. Rick Moser has been playing guitar for many years and has been involved with Allen Cox and Mike Chambers in other side projects through the years. We are confident that Rick will bring some great stuff to the table and we look forward to working with him and his great guitar abilities.

NEW PAGE AT INDIE WORKS Also check out our nice new page at Indie Works. Streaming audio and video. Check it out for the fun of it and get your own profile and join us, AWE Thursday June 10, 2010. http://www1.indiemusicworks.com/AtEnd/

At Wits End recorded a new demo this week in consideration for the new album called "Don't Hold Back" This single is available for sale to take with you anywhere in your Mp3 player in the A W E Store....Check it out today!!!

Thanks to all our fans for supporting us and being our friends as well. We have the best fans in the world without question and we love each and every one of you!!! :)

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New Music Free Download

At Wits End are still working hard on their new album and to show our appreciation for your friendship we are making a special demo cut of the project available as a gift to our fans. The Song Is called "I Belong To You" and it's such a great song We know your going to enjoy on a mix CD or your mp3 player. If your not a fan join today and get your free Mp3 of "Dying Day" Take care friends and have a nice weekend ahead. Lots of Love from AT WITS END. OUR WEB SITE: http://www.reverbnation.com/atwitsend

Welcome to the music of AT WITS END

At Wits End has put up 2 of the new re-recorded tracks for your listening pleasure. They look they same but they are the new versions of " So Cold and Coming Home". We also have two video's up for you to check out. These videos are a bit older, from 1998 and feature some past band members but they Rock. AWE is hoping to have some new videos up in the near future. We had another successful night in the studio Saturday night working on tracks for the new CD. We are all psyched about how things are going and looking forward to seeing and hearing from our fans. We want to send a special shout out to all of the people who have jumped aboard the AWE Express and become fans and friends of the band! We want you to know how much we appreciate it! We love you all! Stay tuned for progress updates from AT WITS END. Rock On!