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hood core music alliance

presents,the jizz feast,starts 5pm,10 bands,8.00$ sat may 5th,flint mi

how true

if you don,t hear it from the horse,s mouth dont listen to the jackass.......rs

four aquiarins

an aiinment of stars,will soon be at our planets door.i tell you today be kind to each other,love,for our nation is unjust.a dream can come true,its up to me and you,listen dont hear,look dont see,peace unto our fans ,freinds,and to all

aquarians four

were four aquarins on a misson,to melt ears.the stars align,and now were back again,to carry out our misson.to blow minds.to kick ass,just to have some fun,what tou see is what we want ,and what you get....tt

blame it on obama-movie soundtrack/producer,rodney salnave

our song take to the hills,is now at the flimfeast,listen to it read the lyrics.can you handle that....tt

be shure to attend

the meatmen,chugger,the krabs,and the badcocks,on july 16th,at the pypramid scheme,in grand rapids

movie sound track

i recived an e mail from rodney salavnue,producer an obama day soundtrack,it seem,s he has added our song "take to the hills" to his movie...tt

what it shall be

bands come bands go,were still here we are not going away.not now not never,we play and sing about the truth.the world isnt so rosey posey,its real and here to stay,you can run live in the mess or stand up and become a pillar in your community,i chose the latter of thr three.....ttallen

where oh where

it seems our old freinds have abandoned us some time back,so now will make new freind,s out with the old in with the new,it won,t stop us,as the world grows weak we grow ...strong,you cant stop us we wont go away


we need your vote for air play,go to biz-zar-services,on reverb nation