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2014 Year End News

Wow..what can I say..Its a very exciting time for us. Our new CD 'Fearless" is coming out in about two months or so. Its produced by J. Robbins who has worked with Clutch, Against Me! and the Foo Fighters, just name a few. What an awesome experience it was working with him to record this new album. All I can say for now is that it sounds incredible. Also, a 'making of' video will be out soon to go along with it, shot by Josh Nielson at Modern Minstrel Services.We are currently shooting a video for the first single 'Dangerous', and also planning our March U.S. tour with an appearance at SXSW. As you can read , there is a lot going on, so I'll keep it short for now..rock on..

2013 Year End News

Hi everybody. Here we are at the end of 2013, and it's been a pretty good year for the band. We had a successfull tour in the midwest, played various shows in CT, PA, NY, and NJ, and got some good radio exposure in the Philly and, NYC area markets. We made some new friends, changed a couple of things up, like a new logo and had some adventures as well. So now we are looking ahead to 2014. The first part of the year, I would say January through March, we'll be recording a brand new full length album, with ten new tracks. Its is supposed to be released on a small, but long standing and respected indie label. I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, because things still have to be finalized, like the ink is not dry yet on the contract. With the new album, will also come new merch, more shows and more touring. There are plans in the works to go back to the midwest, and do some great shows with some really good bands. Were also looking forward to getting some more traction in Europe and Asia with this new album, with could lead to exciting things. We hope everbody had a good year, and has an even better 2014. See you all soon and Thank You for you continued support. - DogHouse Swine

Dec 2012 Year End news

If the world doesn't end on Dec 21st, according to the Myan calendar, and it shouldn't, It'll be a busy new year for the band. But first this month we are going to start shooting a video for 'Goin' Down The Bar'. It's gonna be a lot of fun. We should wrap up shooting before new years. Almost done putting together a small tour in the midwest in March, with dates that include stops in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. On Dec 14th we have a really fun xmas show in Philadelphia, put together with our friends from Archive Philly Punk Productions and BlackHole Records. In January, we'll be in Wallingford, CT at The Cherry Stret Sattion, looking forward to that as well. Working on other dates in the region as well. Also, were stating to work on new material for the next album, witch we are hoping to realease next August. Title is yet to be determined and maybe we'll have a contest or poll, so that fans can help vote on the title. We want to thank the people on the ever expanding list of radio, and press, and promotions, for helping us to spread the word. Shout outs to Fredirico in Italy, and Augusto in Brazil. And congrats to our friends at Pretty Vacant Radio, in their new colaboration with Rock Hard Radio...Everybody have a safe Holiday and Happy New Year...Later DHS

Sept 2012 current news

Well what can I say...hmm . All of us in the band are very excited , and proud of our new album. We all hope everybody likes it as much as we do. We are currently in rehearsals, putting a new set together, we'll be ready to start up live again by the end of September/ mid -October. We are going to be playing in Jersey (of course), and NYC. As well as two small tours into the New England Area, NH, RI, and VT, and in the Ohio, Michigan (Detroit area). There will be more coming, as things get more into focus. We are also trying to put together another video with our friend Dave Neabore, who directed the first video. Still in the pre-production phase at this time, ya know setting, actors, effects all that technichal mumbo jumbo. Last but not least , we want to giive a shout out to Chad and Thora, from Pretty Vacant radio, who have been playing us on their show 'Pretty Vacant' on www.chestnutradio.com , on sundays from 12-2. Also to our new friend Max Volume from Bangkok, who is also spinning our tracks on his show The Max Volume / Check Your Head Show. I guess thats it for now..Later...DHS