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Playing out...

I just had a wonderful gig at Molten Java in Bethel CT on Saturday night. It was a medium sized and very appreciative crowd. I was singing at my best and the band was playing extremely well, which included a new drummer who we have never played with before. Alan Fletcher, a drummer with a great ear and a lot of talent.

The crowd consisted of a group of people whom I had recently met when I was taped playing two 1/2 hour shows for Comcast Channel 23, which are going to be aired at 8:30p on Friday, April 30th and Friday, May 7th. Both of these shows can be seen in their entirety by going to my website, www.slefferts.com and clicking on the Evolvers tab. It was great to see them and have them in the audience!

I have a number of gigs lined up for the next couple of months. Please come on out and check us out.

Seth and the Evolvers are Seth Lefferts, Donna Moore, Al Davis, Steve Barrett, Matt Blumrich, Eric Pierce.