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Update time... again!

Jon just got off of a quicky tour playing guitar with the Southernaires; Jonathan is practicing again with Five Gallon Bucket and they may be doing some recording with yours truly twisting the knobs in the near future; I'm in a different place mentally and spiritually from where I've been over the past few months and I'm moving forward with getting the recording done (finally); And lastly we intend to play a few tunes at "the Alibi" after 10 pm on Thursday if they can work us in that late. I have "daddy time" with a VERY special young lady every Thursday and as much as I love to play music live- I LOVE spending time with my kid a WHOLE lot more. So its after 10pm for me... Sorry. Why do all these places want to do Open Mic on Thursday, anyway??? Sheesh... ;) Y'all stay frosty!

"Why is it??"

That was a line I used in a song Jon and I did together back in Hemp Rope Dream. Some things never change... Why is it when things start to come together in one aspect of your life that they fly all to hell in a hand basket in another? Is it that we just try to do too fuckin' much and miss the fine print that is scripted on all of our lives? Personal life good. No music. Music going good everything else falls all to shit. This is the same old malady that has plagued things for me and for Jon since we started our musical marriage or least fuck buddy status since 1995. Jon's been my best friend for 20 some years now and even though we've never had any success musically together we always have had a GREAT time doing it. This last go around here in "the Club" has been the best stuff we've ever done, but both of our personal lives have taken a dive since Christmas in one way shape or form. Hell mine's been fucked up since 2006, but I digress. Anyway to make my inane ramblings come to a focus for the rest of ya. We are going to take a bit of a departure for what we had in mind. Recording will continue, but not at the accelerated rate that we had intended. This puts seeing us a trio out this summer in a state of flux at the moment, but we aren't DONE with this yet. We all just love it too damn much and have gotten too much positive feedback from folks out there that are digging the stuff to just put it on the shelf. Just a head's up kiddies. I know I ain't posted a damn thing new in weeks, but we ain't quit nor do we intend to do so. I'll be there to meet ya coat check as you make your way through the club. Take care, Sam Edmisten 03/28/2010