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I really enjoyed the AKOO Show, i'm very proud of the team, the clothes are dope! I have always loved what they stood for A king of ones self, that's how i feel. Check them out on twitter #@Akooclothing. Salute!


Hey world, what's good! I know you're ready to hear the full complete Mixtape and I did'nt want to disappoint my fans. So I thought to give you a lil taste a lil R&B sampler. :Introducing J A M I R I Z M = the process of mixing any genre with JAMIR's soulful flow. Begining with Drake & Timbalands" Say Something" Jamirized into"PLAN B" Ladies & Gentelmen "All the single ladies" :) you know the saying & advice your old soul sista would say" Never make someone a priority when they have you as an option or plan b" well,I touched upon that sentiment lightly. Hey it's true, the only one who really has to love your self is YOU! -Who Is Prince JAMIR" mixtape 2010 Reverb nation movement. Enjoy & STAY TUNED..

Akoo & Rotting Television presents Jamir at Santos Party House- concert

Just wanted to thank all the fans who came out and rocked with us at SANTOS last week. Thanks to AKOO clothing for sponsoring and all the cool gift bags. Also wanted to thank Rotting Television for their coverage and the RTV artist vip lounge. This was the concert that set it off for me, so many people great sound and lighting and I got the opportunity to share My Offering" to a very receptive New York City crowd. What a blessing. Not only that but to have a very popular blog website and celebrity clothing line brand cross polinate over me ands stand behind me as an Indie Artist, that was a GOOD LOOK. Merging the internet with live streaming and brand association it was a Million Dollar success. Akoo had their spring and fall of 2010 looks being shown on the overhead projector screens, and their logos were up aswell. They came with some great gift bags, Draw string bagz, t-shirts, towels, my cd and some other kewl things. I also did a few drops that you will see soon on AKOOWORLD.COM and maybe Complex.com. Rotting Television, did a fan trivia. I came up with an idea & They co-signed the idea of having Jamir fans answer 3 questions who's answers were located in the last 3 Reverbnation blog entries. Very great idea as this streamed viewers and contestants from this page to their host website Rottingtelevision.com. The questions where who co-produced My Offering What is the name of my first single and music video that is on BET.COM and what significance does 1804 have in Haitian culture The winner got a chance to meet me backstage get an autogrpahed poster Akoo gift bag and free tickects to my next show. I was over the moon that the details pertainingt to this event were in synch, and that my overal Prince JAMIR brand had been established in my town New York. As an artist it was a highlight, I found something new on stage an energy that til now, I have not tapped into. I did my thing, not boastfully but you can feel it as you feed off of the energy from the crowd. I look forward to doing MORE! So look out for me at your college and your venue next. Let's keep this going Thank you I am at your service

My Offering- Autograghing my work with excellence

Hey- world, it's almost time & I'm feeling real good about everything that is happening this year. 2010 is my year. I remember when I first met the producers"Grand Staff who co-produced My Offering with me. NYU students in the Clive Davis music program. These dudes just vibed with me so well, & the creative process was really Dope! we came up with The song in 15 minutes & I recorded my vocals in K-quicks Closet! Technology is a mutha! no fancy smanchy stuff, just a computer with Protools, really good mic & we let God come in the room and Boom! she was born.. "My Offering" was recorded right in that dorm room. We were all suprised with how well it turned out, usually producers run the entire session with an artist. This session was not like that, cuz yall know I'm no one's puppet & I write my own stuff as well, we went in with an open mindset-free flowing thing , see where it goes" attitude and we built something:" from literally nothing. That's something special that myself & Grand Staff wanted to share with people. So now, when I take sessions with other producers I can only pray the synergy is the same everytime, there will never be another "My Offering" and I will never try to recreate that- that moment was what it was- It flowed from with in - and we heard these angels singing" and added real strings, we even added some live guitar's to give it the feel it has at the end as you can hear. We hope you love it as much as we did creating it.