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Graduating in May

Yes. On May 11th I will receive a college degree. Then I can be done with this six classes and two jobs nonsense and focus on music.

Starting 2013

How did I start 2013? Well, I had the flu and had to cancel a couple of gigs because I lost my voice. The upside of this is that things can only go up from here. I just started my last semester of college with a whopping six class load (in addition to working 30 hours/week), but I'm eagerly counting down the days until my May graduation. Ah, the days after college, when I can devote hours and hours to just playing music... In other music news, I've been working on a collaboration with electronic artist Blizzard, who is Canada's #1 artist on ReverbNation. I've put down both guitar tracks and a rap, so stay tuned!

I've taken a few guitar/voice lessons with former Berklee instructor Anthony Michael "Tru" Peterson. His voice feedback so far: "That. Hurt. Me." He keeps it real! :-D

The Rickety Crickets let me sit in on mandolin and acoustic bass last night. Check 'em out: www.reverbnation.com/thericketycrickets/p I continue to eke away at my EP in my spare time and will have a mix of "Lay Down," featuring Ashley Robinson and Kim Thompson up in the next few weeks.

How is YOUR year starting out?


I've been #4 on the Other charts for Durham, NC for a while now. All of the artists in front of me are nationally touring groups, so a HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to listen! ******************************************* On an entirely separate note, what's up with ReverbNation artists using obviously generic lines on each other, like: "nice sound and music," "love your style" "great songs." C'mon, people!

Lincoln Theater, Meredith's Living Room and other huge venues i've been packing

I forgot to mention on here that I was filling in on bass last night for the amazing band The Hell No. I played a show with them last night at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh and am really honored to have been a part of that. Last week, I opened a house show for Play/Start and Noon:30, which was a blast. Huge thanks to everyone who has come out and supported me at these shows. It means a lot!


It's a love/hate relationship.

In other news, I found an old music video that I'm in the process of editing and uploading.

Oh, and then there's that album. Well, I've decided it's more important to have a really good album than one that comes out by a certain date, so it'll be a few more months...but well worth the wait. Now, to find some album art that isn't silly...

Dear Rap Artists

If your songs glorify violence, especially violence against women, I will not fan you back.


Gardening Angel
Gardening Angel  (about 5 years ago)

well said. I have the same policy.

Amusing Things This Week

1. Just met a guy at the coffee shop who said he had heard my new recordings at the studio. What he remembered most were the footstomps in Fart in My Own Bed. It's good to be remembered for -something-

2. I played an opening slot at Royal Bean coffee shop recently, and halfway through my first song a family with six young children walked in. I immediately started leaned away from my mic on the naughty words, which seriously limits the comprehensibility of my lyrics. After my set, the mother came up to me and said, "You were great! I'm their mother and we don't believe in censorship." Refreshing.

3. I'm getting airplay in Scotland.

flossiefish1  (over 5 years ago)

scotland -- awesome how about putting "freak me" on here. love you!!!

Potty-Mouthed 4-Track Gems

Last night, I found some home recordings from when I was a kid. My voice has changed a bit, but my sense of humor certainly hasn't. Chances are, if you like my stuff now, you'll LOVE hearing the boundary-pushing teenage me. Listening to these tracks last night, I even made -myself- blush.

My most epic guitar solo ever

Go to the :31 mark. http://youtu.be/L0szdC86yJc

Shavin', Fartin' & Cryin'

That pretty much sums up the first three songs on my upcoming album, Two to Two. Geez, recording sure is a lengthy process! I've been encouraged, however, by all the friends, new and old, who have given me compliments on this new stuff. Thanks, y'all!

I played the Broad Street Cafe recently and the place was full. Not bad for a full-time college student with two jobs, desparately trying to push her music forward in the few spare moments she has! But hey, it's almost the middle of the semester and I am already looking ahead to summer. I want to do some shows around town and even a bit beyond.

Want your friends to be serenaded with occasionally shocking pop music in the comfort of your home?

I do house shows.

Need a light-hearted opener for your super serious band?

I do dinner crowds.

Want to shock your youth group with an "oops, I thought she was a Christian artist" moment?

I do that, too.

Booking: emilypakes@gmail.com