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Oaths ov Stygian Dusk

Plutonian Shore / Humut Tabal - Oaths ov Stygian Dusk

4 Tracks- Split release between black metal bands Plutonian Shore (San Antonio, TX) and Humut Tabal (Austin, TX) released August 9th, 2011 through The Dread Lair.

Mastered by Grimzaar at HT Studios in the Texas Hill Country. Humut Tabal's tracks composed by Grimzaar & Hravan. Sworn upon the banks of the Plutonian Shore after voyaging with the ghastly boatman Humut Tabal, the Oaths ov Stygian Dusk arise from Unicursal Meditation; to swear them is To Conjure Goetic Spirits. With their immense might, the swearer conquers, Smiting the Peons, he slaughters all who oppose him, chanting his Ode to Misanthropy: “This I Swear!” And the pathetic souls of those slain by his hand descend, to embark with Humut Tabal to the Plutonian Shore…

Gods ov Darkness, Hate and Flame

Gods ov Darkness, Hate and Flame

Release Date:March 03, 2010 Label:Dread Lair Length:31:06 Synopsis First full length debut release by Humut Tabal. Pressed & promoted by The Dread Lair in Houston,Texas. Distributed through online shop & several independent record stores throughout Texas.

The album is composed of a handful of tunes recorded and polished at different times throughout late 2009. The tracks were independently recorded in a private studio in Blanco, TX. The final mixing was done by Grimzaar & the design cover/sleeve by L. Atrum's Tortured Soul Designs.

This is considered the bands first full length effort, debuting in 2010. It follows the premier Frozen Death EP which was constructed and distributed in early 2009. The release is still in circulation and copies are available through several retailers.

The cover of the release is a stone engraving depicting the Sumerian Anzu bird, which is associated with the god Humut Tabal in ancient Sumerian mythology.

The album can be purchased at: Waterloo Records (Austin, TX), Sundance Records (San Marcos, TX), Sound Exchange Records (Houston, TX) or online at thedreadlair.vstore.ca