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New Projects!

I have some new projects in the works.(a truckload of old ones too). Assuming I get some time in front of the microphone in the near future, I will post a preview of what is in the works. Thanks to all my loyal fans for your patience and dedication. And to everyone sending prayers and well wishes, god bless and thanks from my family, my son and I. Until next time..... Floyd

My Apologies!

I was hoping to have all of my submissions updated by now. I know some of the recordings are not the best sound quality. Due to a recent diagnosis of cancer in my teenaged son, my musical accomplishments have been minimal. I have been using the time in the hospital to type out old lyrics, reading promotional materials and other menial things to help keep momentum. Treatments are successful and will continue until October '10 and in November the Make A Wish foundation is sending our family on a cruise. Hopefully I can sneak in some studio time between now and then to freshen things up a bit. I am grateful for the continued support and inspiration my friends and fans at ReverbNation. God Bless Floyd

Rick Sutherland aka Mich Igan
Rick Sutherland aka Mich Igan  (about 7 years ago)

All the best to you and
your family...God bless, Rick