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It's been a really crazy week! We're playing Bloodstock in a few weeks, releasing some tunes, got some tours coming up... generally things are fucking awesome right now!!

New E.P. and Gigs

New E.P. 'Death of the Trend' available for free download. http://bludger.0sites.net Plus loads of new gigs. Fucking yes please!

Thanks for coming to 'the well' on monday!

We just wanted to say thanks the everyone that came down to 'the well' on a fucking monday night to come and check some brutal local metal! It was our FIRST show so it was super badass to have a room of 40 - 50 people to slay to!

We are stoked to get our first under our belt and are hungry to play for you all again!

If you know of a promoter or are a promoter, get in contact and we'll be there!

Everyone else, tell your friends, tell your enemies, we can't wait to see you at our next shows, you FUCKING OWN!

This is YOUR music for YOU!

Let's share some metal, share some good times, forget about the grind, fuck it, start a RIOT, if you need to!

The best place in the world - right here, right now!

Big Love


Getting new shows.

We are in the process of booking shows, if you are a promoter or know of any promoters, get straight in contact, and we'd be more than happy to come over to your neck of the woods and play some metal for you!