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My first original song release!

I just recorded my first original song, "Behind the Mangroves". Written in 2015 by Jeff Soukup for our duo project "The Grass Flats". Together we rewrote and rearranged the song and we hope you like it!

Thank you for checking out my video!

Thanks for checking out my latest video shot on location at the Kent State University Campus. Here's a link and again, thanks for the comments, keep em coming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0f3H9FDAkA&list=UUgIHfFQ5uYYPm5i9WwnGfNg

Welcome to the "Rainy Season"!

I'm going to need a break in the weather or a big ass umbrella! Hope to see you soon.

Really busy this month!

Man, things are really picking up. I have 19 gigs booked this month alone. Very thankful to be meeting and touching so many new people with my chill style of music. Time for some hot "summer" weather so I'm trying to enjoy some cool nights playing. Stay tuned....

Happy New Year!

Gigging almost 3-4 nights per week, crowds getting larger, as well as my tip jar! Thanks for all the support on Reverbnation! Keep pickin!

Summer Schedule

Getting really warm down here in Florida. Backing off to 2-3 gigs per week. Hope to see you at one of my shows.

New Upload!

Recorded a cover of Stone Temple Pilot's Plush the other night complete with crowd noise, wind noise and a couple of nice boo boos in the mix. Enjoy!

Havin' a ball!

Really enjoying sharing my music and guitar picking on Reverbnation. Thanks for all the support! I'll be adding some new original compositions very soon....God bless!

Still trying to figure this ranking thing out!

I'm playing several private parties in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for me on the local circuit! Thanks for the supports.

Wow, I hit #1, no place to go now.....

Maybe I should focus on my National rank! Thanks for all my friends and fans!