New lineup about to kick arse!!!

Our return gig after about 6 months with ..Dean 'Deaman" Baldwin on 2nd axe...David C Beret on bass..and Warren "wazza"Davies...original drummer from the album..who never really left the band..we just sort of lost track for a few yrs...\m/.. More gigs 18th jan at IDDAFF..then Ballarat...some local training .. after that we really go on the road... Cheers to all our friends.supporters and associates.. \m/FTW\m/...

bio by cal flavell...

When society collapses and order fails... when our cities are empty tombs of shell-shocked steel... the open road will become a battlefield for those left behind. The vermin have inherited the earth: and none are more infamous or deadly than TOECUTTER. Storming from the past with prophecies of a bleak future, TOECUTTER are a band with a long and storied history. Founding member MARK WOOLLEY (vocals/guitar) has been a figure of the Australian metal scene for over 25 years as the lead guitarist for legendary thrash band NOTHING SACRED and for HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH's self-titled debut. In the early 90s, Woolley formed HATRED, a heavy metal war machine which released the "Unusual Punishment" demo in 1993. In 1996, SUPERHEIST founder D.W. NORTON produced HATRED's EP "Faces In The Dirt" at Back Beach Studios; this was comprised of both studio and live tracks and including reworked songs from the demo and a few songs that are still in the TOECUTTER repertoire today. After many incarnations and lineup changes HATRED eventually became TOECUTTER, and in 2001 released their debut album "Lost Culture", which was again produced by D.W. Norton and featured almost all new songs to reflect the change in name. Now, TOECUTTER is back, firing on all cylinders and armed with the strongest lineup yet and a killer live set spanning the length of their history. Defiantly original, their motto Fuck The World defines their take-no-prisoners approach to Australian thrash metal: they are nitro-fueled nomads, sent to strike down the unroadworthy. Aside from Woolley, TOECUTTER's road warriors include: So hit the blacktop, put your foot to the floor, and crank TOECUTTER for a dose of high-speed, hard-drinking, heavy metal chaos. FTW. 11:47 AM 0 Comments (Add Comment) 0 Kudos Translate English Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Filipino Finnish French Galician German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak undefined Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Edit Remove

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next best thing..wake up

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDwwA3Vs1m0as toecutter stands at present..we are strong..ourfanbase grows..w have more than enough real fuckin good material for a classic album....we are ready to step through the door to next level......we need someone to show us what lies beyond that door.......we are a very serious band ....whoever doesnt realize what potential is here..is a fool...do some research...check the facts...we are not going away.....

Central club 14th may..huge nite of metal

Saturday, March 14, 2010 Check out this event: Hellborn Entertainment Presents @ The Central Club Current mood:Death Category: Music Hosted By: Hellborn Entertainment When: Friday, 14 May 2010 Where: Central Club 291 Swan St Ricmond Description: Humonic Elrazer Nocturnal Ashes Toe Cutter