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West Coast tour happenings

It is day 7 of our 15 day tour. We have almost hit the 1000 mile mark. It has been quite the adventure. The support along the way has been amazing! From the owners, to the audience, to the friends and new friends hosting us, I am truly amazed by the kindness and support!

It has definitely been a time of growth. I feel my voice getting stronger and stronger after each night. My stage presence continues to improve. Last night I actually kept my eyes open for nearly the entire hour! :) That is something I am focusing on improving during this tour.

So far we have played in Quincy, Susanville, Ashland, and Corvallis. All of these stops have been quite unique. There is so much beauty everywhere! I am looking forward to the new songs that will come from this tour. I can definitely say that touring is going to be something I will continue in the near future.

I am going to say goodbye for now. I will return very soon with more updates

Thanks again for the support!