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the 6THSENSE...end of a PHASE!

The 6THSENSE ...beginning and end of a PHASE My name is JERRY SUARA aka Jheri6thsense, I am a Writer, Singer, Poet, Compere and a Gospel Music Minister. The Story of my life is so unique that this introductory article will not be enough to contain it all. You will read about the gory and the glory details of my life and in the process get to know a little more about my Mission here on planet earth. Some decades ago when I was sent here by the Creator to come fulfill a purpose, all in preparation for HIS COMING, some forces of the underworld never wanted me to come. The same way Pharaoh never wanted Moses to survive even after he had been born; he killed all infants at that age but the difference in my story is that right there in my mother’s womb, death was gunning for my extinction so I will not see the world not even a glimpse of it or so my mother told me. Anyways, away from that, I will give you full details in my forthcoming book. At the tender age of 12, on my way to Katsina State to represent Lagos State for a Handball Tournament, the tire of the bus conveying us suddenly let out a loud hiss, it took us a minute to realize that while on high speed our tire had given way; everyone in the bus began to pray so the Driver will not lose control. It was a miraculous save and only God takes the praise. What! With a bust tire, at the level of speed we were moving and on the high way? We could have died! Another attempt came again on my life, in the early years of 2000, on the way with my brothers, the Pillaz to Abia State for a Ministration; we had a near fatal accident; people lost their limbs but I and my brothers came out unscathed. In the year 2007, June 13th to be precise, the forces of darkness tried once again, they thought they had won after causing me to have yet another near fatal accident that left me almost dead in a pool of my own blood; their mission was to kill the Messenger called J.H.E.R.I, the man with the ‘6thsense of the Spirit’ who is meant to deliver good tidings to the Nations of the world; starting with Lagos, the rest of Nigeria, Africa as well as the Diaspora. The Message? To tell them WHO JESUS IS through Music; which was given to me as one of the mediums of expression. I am meant to render help to the wounded; emotionally downcast, physically challenged, spiritually dispirited as well as prepare the way like JOHN THE BAPTIST DID for the second coming of our lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. The 6thsense name was the preparation of the awakening of the Spirit of GOD in me; launching me out into the world as one of GOD’S MESSENGERS. It was the phase of the birth of the commencement of the ‘Assignments’ I am meant to carry out for the propagation of GOD’S Kingdom. Behold, it’s the birth and the beginning of the errands mandated by HEAVEN... This is why I am here! This is the NEXT PHAZE of my Assignment... To show the world the life that exists in Christ; to tell GOD’S PEOPLE about His coming, and give a helping hand to the needy not just in Africa but GLOBALLY. J.H.E.R.I??? What is J.H.E.R.I or rather Who is J.H.E.R.I??? Keep it locked on this page........the mystery unfolds


From the north, south, west and east We come to assemble We come to ascribe and pay obeisance To our one true BOSS A true born King whose wisdom is without comparison JOIN Jheri 6thsense in #CONVERGENCE #StreetG22ndSERIES THIS MONTH ON SEPTEMBER 19TH....#doNOTFORSAKEthegatheringoftheBRETHREN!

#StreetGEE18.0....tale of a true legend

"Condemned to die for the evil ways of all, yet they knew him not. However, hellbent he was, to return us back to status quo with the maker"....MY LEGEND. Join Jheri Sixthsense in HERO... Tale of a true legend @Street GEE18.0 on Friday 16th of may,2014 at Rockview hotel, festac 6-9pm. As he features Phrance, Jubal, E'Emmanuel E'Davids, Da'Son, Emmakeyz Jaiyeola, CeeY, REdefined, Ralpflow.

Its going to be an amazing night. Don't miss it

13th JHAVI SERIES by Jheri6thsense aka jayOBA

Another season where Jheri 6thsense fulfils his quarterly vow to GOD for sparing his life from a bike accident in 2007 that almost took his life. He made a vow to always help accident victims in his own little way by raising support for at least one accident victim.

JHAVI presents its 13th series with Jheri6thsense aka jayOBA LIVE IN WORSHIP.....'HIS DEPTH' Featuring seasoned gospel ministers like Efe Nathan, Chika100%, A20, Emmanuel E'Davids, Redefined, Rachel Ogonodi

special act presentation by HolyRock Dracomedist

special guest by Deji IRAWO (CRO of X2D)

AT the BANQUET HALL of ROCKVIEW HOTEL, 23rd by 71rd junction off 2nd avenue, festac town.

23rd of march....4-7pm.

FOR ENQUIRIES; 08096155477 haviproject.ng@gmail.com

come and support an accident victim with jheri6thsense IN WORSHIP.

'...he that giveth to the poor lendeth to GOD'



ON the 18TH of OCt, 2013 it will be exactly 1year Anniversary As J6 PROductions Presents STREET G...@ONE!!! Wit Jheri6THSENSE Featuring: E'david, WitNeSS, k-Leb shOUT, dA'Son, Lawrence Agu, Jameslord, Mo oladaPO, JuBAL, Nke, B'real. Comedy by: Xsod BROWN, CaliBIRd, SaCO. Hosted by: Cee Y Wheels of STEEL is DJ fLAMZ @ROCKVIEW HOTEL, 71rd junction by 23rd off 2nd avenue, Festac town.(By pool side) Time: 6-9PM. . DON'T MISS IT!


EXCERPTS FROM E'DAVID AFTER 12TH JHAVI SERIES EXPERIENCE WHAT GOD SHOWED ME..! Good morning boss. I was in a concert organized by Jheri6thSense yesterday when God showed me and said to me clearly what He is about to do. Now, even though the concert was a charity concert to help accident victims, the minister who came to sing (KORE, E'DAVIDS, CHIKA 100%, MO, JAMESLORD, JUBAL, HOPENdaHOUSE and JHERI himself) came totally fired in the Holy Spirit and its clear that it became a spiritual gathering, not just another "make them feel good" concert. Towards the end of the concert, I was playing the 2nd keyboard for Chika100% when God showed me this.... "I saw an army of singers,few in number, all dressed up in what I can only described as "God's presence" and in a glance they also were being sent out to various directions. And immediately, God said to me in a very clear voice... I have set apart for myself a generation of singers that will clean the church of its ugly worship state and usher in the sweetness and essence of worship. Those who defile my worship, I will take care of speedily. The army is not a multitude, but a few people who I have given a burden for this next move that will usher in my return." Immediately I saw this and heard his voice, I raised my hand to say thank you, then went off to dance like I've never done in a long while, so much so that after the music had stopped, I was still dancing because there came a music playing in my head. God is about to change the order, He is about to breakdown the world system of music, He is about to chart a new cause, and He is about to RETURN.! Please rebroadcast and spread it to every singer/musician you know. E'Davids.


Jheri HAVI foundation and J6 Productions Presents 12th JHAVI series Tagged ...the gathering of the gods...2.0! Wit Jheri6thsense Featuring: Kenny'kore, E'davids, Jameslord, chiika100%, Mo oladapo, Hopendahouse. Comedy: BabakaY, Larry J Special Guest: Richard Minet. Host: FOREVER Venue:ROCKVIEW HOTEL,(banquet hall) FESTAC, 71rd junction by 23rd off 2nd avenue, festac town. Date: 29th of sept, 2013 4PM Keep it LOCKED! NOTE:FREE Medical checkup and EYE checkup from 2-4PM, and we would be giving out 25 FREE REAdING GLASSES to the first 25persons that need it all LIVE on 29th sept. Concert kicks off by 4PM and gate is FREE PASS. COME SUPPORT an accident victim from 1K.”