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The Deep South (New Jersey)

The scene is alive and kicking! This past weekend was one of the funnest we've had in a while. We started out by packing up the Green Bastard and heading to 90's night at the Brickhouse. DJ Myth and MC Nobody Cares lit things up off the bat with some awesome (now old-skool) hip hop. The crowd was bumpin! We hit the stage and played our (slightly standard) 90's punk rock set, with only one original (F-Bombs!) Everybody seemd to feel it and we had a fantastic audience response. The If In Life were much more organized for this show than we were, that' for sure! They played every song from the 90's that I should have thought of, but didn't! (Self Esteem sounded awesome, guys!) Undu Kati and Ape the Grimm closed out the night with some more of that super sweet 90's beat shit.

After the show, we headed to the Pseudio to pass out on the floor. The morning came (begrudgingly) and we all rose to our feet and pounded coffees while cruising out of the good ol' free state. I ahve to say we were a bit concerned that we wouldn't even make it past Massachutsetts... The Bastard needs insurance, inspection, brake work, and a slew of other unmentionables, but we felt an oil change was good enough. She topped out at 85 on the highway (a huge improvement since before changing the plugs and wires) and barring a couple of wrong turns, we got to Jersey with just enough time to chill with OSF and LSD for a bit before moving to the Clash Bar.

This venue was sick! Awesome stage, fantastic sound, and everyone there was totally welcoming. Their bartender is the shit! It felt great to sing along to songs with One Short Fall and Lakeside Drive, and the other supporting acts, Maya's Ruin and Atlas, put on an amazing performance! After the show, we headed back to Rockaway to crash (on a studio floor [again]). What did we smell like in the morning? Cigarettes? Drugs? Body Odor? Nope. All of these things were easily outmatched by our stench of gasoline...

Logie hooked us up with some badass breakfast lasagna before we hit the road. We checked the fluids, tightened down the couch, and took off around noon. We happily landed in Dover, NH around 9:00 and took some much needed showers! We can't wait to do it again, so keep your eyes and ears to the pavement, fuckers!

-Ryan Rev

End of summer

Hey guys, Ryan here with a few quick updates. First, we are PUMPED for the Michale Graves show this weekend at the Birckhouse in Dover, NH! Zack is going on tour with The Connection for the better part of September, and we will be focusing on writing and recording for most of October, That being said, we won't be playing any shows for at least a month, possibly two. If you'd like to show your local music support, this Friday night would be the time to do it. Michale has been a huge influence on us as a band and it really is a large milestone in our lives to be able to perform with him.

We've got some awesome things coming your way, and we can't wait to get back into the swing of things and start playing out again.

See you all soon, and thanks so much for the love and support. Local music lives and dies with you!

Summer updates

Hey everybody! I know it's been a while, so here's a few quick updates to get everyone back on track!

We are booking anywhere BUT Dover for August, so if you live anywhere but there, get at us! The reason being that we have an amazing opportunity to play with ex-Misfits frontman, Michale Graves at the Dover Brickhouse on the 30th.

We are available early in September, but will be taking most of the month off so Zack can go tour in Europe with Kurt Baker!

Let's hit October fucking hard! We're wide open from there on out, any Friday or Saturday, as long as we can get there and home in the weekend. Bigger events farther away may require vacation time (we all gotta pay them bills!) so we may be flexible, but will need to talk things out first.

We've been uploading a weekly video from a show we had at Longhill Manor earlier in May and we're running out of vids! So please, come to a show or a party with a camera and get some footage of us! We are about to have a very busy week coming up: 6/16 - Free Keene Fest 6/21 - Porcfest 6/22 - Midway Cafe with Rebel, Inc 6/24 - Crazy ass Ska show with Brunt of it!!

We will have tee shirts for sale, and "bootlegged" copies of our album, AMRica! The next purchase we make will be stickers, and they will more than likely be free, so make sure you get to some shows if you want some merch!

We just finished building a practice space / studio that we may or may not start soliciting recording sessions for... We'll let you know!

Anything else? Yeah! Check the fuck out of OC45! They are our very good friends and we've known eachother since the beginnings of both bands, so show them some love! They're on tour right now and you can check out their show schedule, listen for free, and buy merchandise from www.oc45sucks.com!

Last but absolutely not least, we have recently started booking primarily with Boston Bloghead. Within a couple of weeks, Steve had most of our summer booked, at awesome venues, with awesome bands. They do a weekly podcast showcasing New England's best talent, as well as music and show reviews, show schedules, etc. Check it out!

Until next time,

-Go Fuck Yourself!


Well I'm writing this as Ryan is lapping up the sun in the Dominican Republic. Fuck him. The past few months have been pretty hectic, but just as rewarding. We finally released AMRica digitally( www.aminorrevolution.bandcamp.com ), and are currently looking around for places to do the physical pressing. We also went in to the studio to do some demos of some new tunes we've been writing. You guys are gunna shit bricks when you hear them! As far as shows have been concerned, we took a little bit of break to focus our minds on getting the album out. But, we are now hitting the scene hard in the beginning of 2012! Up first is a return to The Jam Factory in Manchester on January 14th. This is a really cool little venue that usually caters to more of the solo artists, but has recently showed us some major love. It was really inspiring to see punk rock happening in Manch, something that has been lacking lately.

After that, we are heading to my old neck of the woods for a couple shows at Northeastern University and The Rosebud in Somerville on Jan 24th and Feb 3rd, respectively. We're pretty stoked to play Northeastern because it's a college and they tend to have a nice built-in crowd, and we're playing with an amazing band from Massachusetts we recently befriended called Arrows Over Athens. We've had the pleasure of rocking the Rosebud in Davis Square once before, and Dave Crespo always makes sure our returns to the Boston are stupendous. As far as I know, our partners in crime from Lowell, More Beer Please, will be joining us for a night of debauchery. Actually just beers and bud.

February also marks the start of our residency at Fury's Publick House in Dover. I think we feel more at home at Fury's than anywhere else. If we're not playing a show, you'll more than likely find at least one of us there on any given weekend. Zack and I were there last night to catch Catastrophic OK's last show for a while. Every Wednesday in February you can catch us doing our thing with special guests from all around New Hampshire and Mass. We're hitting the ground running trying to learn new covers and writing some new songs so that we have some fresh stuff for you guys!

I guess that's about it for now. Come out to a show and say whats up! -Aj

If you're gonna do it right,

Don't let a bunch of hippies "help."

So while we're crossing the NH/VT border, Derek (OC45) decides to check up on the facebook event page for the evening. He immediately pulled over and we had to have a side-of-the-highway chat about what to do with the evening. He told me that the local band had double booked and changed the time, venue, and lineup. We had made previous arrangements with the local band about them providing a drum set and some local draw.

So these dickheads don't inform us, they don't inform the venue, and they pretty much leave two out-of-state bands to fend for themselves, without a drum kit. What the fuck is a punk band supposed to do without a drum kit?

We start cold calling anyone and everyone we can think of in the Vermont area. It came very close to us calling on some buddies in Burlington to switch the show to a house party. However; we were luckily able to get the venue to provide a drum kit.

I have to say, this is the first time I've ever seen anyone in the music scene totally fuck another band, let alone two. They didn't inform us, they just let us figure it out. If we hadn't checked the page, we wouldn't have even known what the deal was until we were in Winooski. I'm not going to name the band; it's not my style, but you guys are fucking pricks.

That being said; the venue was one of the most accommodating that we've seen. They were willing to call friends and ride with us to go get a drum kit to start the night. They made sure people were coming in and they kept us happy (drunk.)

The night ended up playing out very well for us because eventually people came in to see the show. I will definitely book with this venue again, but I will likely never book with that band again.

Fuck you and goodnight.


OC45 and the Jelly-Tug "Tour"

Hot Damn! Last weekend, we hit two spots with these guys. The Speakeasy in Providence, RI and Summer's End Fest '11 were great! Although some douche didn't understand pit courtesy, he will figure it out soon enough. Providence was sick. The owner of the club paid us in shit tons of Narragansett and wants to book more shows down there with us!

Summer's End Fest was pretty good. I liked a lot of the bands there, but I think it needs some support next year as far as organization and promotion are concerned (if they have it again.) Getting drunk in the parking lot, however, was as much fun as it always has been. It's tours and friends like these that make quitting smoking fucking impossible.

Tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday will be epic. A kick ass punk show down at McGann's Pub in the heart of Boston will kick things off. Our good buddy Dave Crespo from Unregular Radio hooked us up with this show. Be sure to check out his show daily at www.unregularradio.com. We have an interview section, and 3 or 4 songs in rotation with these guys; they were the very first to hook us up, and we'll never forget that.

Friday night is a dirty ass show at The Church in Milford, NH. All I keep hearing about this place is that the scene is badass. I can't wait to see what's in store for us. OC45 keeps telling me we gotta play there, so there we shall play!

Finishing up the weekend is a show at the Monkey Bar in Winooski VT. I've been promising my buddy Branden that we'd play a show out there for the last three years, so I'm pretty stoked we get to make an honest man out of me (for once.) VT is a magical wonderland where hippies, lesbians, gun owners, and pot farmers all live in perfect harmony. Except that some of them are hippies.

Ya, I know when is the cd coming out. Haven't you figured it out yet? There is no CD. Just kidding. We're trying to get in this week or next week to finish this bitch! We have a live CD coming out of the Dover Brickhouse that our buddy Al recorded and mixed up for us. That will hit a mastering stage and then be relsased to the adoring public, ASAP.

I better see each and every one of you motherfuckers out this weekend, cause we're busy as fuck!

-Ryan Rev

Still kickin

Hey everyone! we just finished playing Porcfest on Thursday night, and we're gearing up for a show at O'brien's Sports Bar in Nashua. We met a bunch of cool people and made some great connections at Porcfest. Hopefully, we'll be playing and End The Fed rally in Philly in either November or April! Yes, we are still working on AMRica, but only because we really want to make sure everyone gets what we've been promising: a kick ass DIY punk-rock record. It will be the first of hopefully many, and we hope it gets out to as many people as possible!

We have also recently been featured on 100.1 The Planet (Franklin, NH). There is a link to download or listen live to the interview we did. If you download the show, that's like getting 4 Pre-release songs and an interview for FREE! Check it out!

This is the Local Outbreak site and Player: http://www.ipmnation.com/fr_localoutbreak

This is the download link for our show! http://www.ipmnation.com/go/music-download?id=741562

Finally, a voice!!

Hey everybody, AJ here. We've been meaning to get this blog going, but I'm getting the ball rolling now. I guess first off is I'll give you all a little bio:

Historians maintain that the earliest documented origin of A Minor Revolution can be traced back to one fateful night, when Pat Flood (guitar/vox) and Zack Sprague (drums) first shared a few beers and a few laughs at the University of New Hampshire in 2007. It was rock-love at first sight. Sharing a passion for everything from punk rock to folk music, Pat and Zack began playing and writing some tunes. However, they knew pieces were missing, so when Ryan Lovlien (guitar/vox) joined the band in 2008, a huge void was filled. And there was much rejoicing. The trifecta (being influenced by similar artists--NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Mischief Brew--to name a few), started writing their own music. When Kieth Patterson became the band's bassist in late '08, AMR began playing shows in the NH seacoast area. The band's first year was very successful. AMR's musical style progressed as they gained experience, tightening up while maintaining a raw punk sound. When Patterson and and AMR split ways in early 2010, a more fitting replacement could not have been found: the addition of AJ Valcourt provided a serious presence to an already rockin' rhythm section. Within the last year, the punk-rockin' foursome have broadened their horizons, playing shows with some great bands throughout NH, in Maine, and in the Boston area, with plans of expanding further. At the end of the day, A Minor Revolution is about two things: liberty and rockin' balls, as can be seen through their fast-paced sound and their "Don't-tread-on-me" lyrics. They are from NH after all. So if you'd like to have your socks rocked off, come out to a show sometime. Live free or die, bitches.

Thanks to Pat for those awesome words, huh? So any one of us will hop on here and give you guys some updates. Look for some big things coming shortly. Our record, AMRica, is pretty close to being finished. We're going over some artwork ideas and are looking forward to getting to you guys.

Thats all for now I guess. Time for more beer.