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The Return!!

After a two month hiatus, it felt good to be back on stage wit my fam!! We did our thing! Had a great reaction from the crowd and good feed back after we got off stage! I missed being on stage doin what we do! We might be doin shows here and there cuz when the snow come we might not be able to be out there like that. But please believe we are in the lab and when the Spring comes we back at it and coming with the new ish!!! For the record this is my first blog EVER!!!! It's ya boi Wild Card G. Stay in Tune!!!

Memento Of My Musical Journey

Entry 2: Day Of Performances On the days we have a performance I always find myself laughing at myself. I always seem to go thru the same emotional routine. First it’s the emotion of being scared sh*tless. “Am I going to mess up, am I going to remember my lines, is Grill and Wildcard going to remember their lines, are the people going to feel us and last but not least are we going get booed off the stage”. I know it’s just my fears putting negative thoughts in my head but for some reason I just can’t seem to shake them. Then I give myself that mental peep talk. “You Got This, You Know This Sh*t, U Gonna Kill It”. It gives me a sense of calm that helps me get thru the day. Then it comes time to start getting ready to head out to the performance. That’s my second favorite time of this process because that’s were I go into my state of excitement. Just sitting back and thinking about the adrenaline rush of it all. Being on the stage and just giving it my all really puts a smile on my face. Then when we hop in the car to ride out to the show…..BAM….. right back to being scared sh*tless. It’s that point of “No Turning Back Now, You Gotta Do This!” All of this might seem like it’s very overwhelming for me but like I say to myself (yes, I do talk to myself a lot) “Man Up And Stop Being A P*ssy!” When we hit the stage all of the emotions (good and bad) leave my body and all my concerns go to rippin up the stage. Then comes my favorite part of it all which is getting off the stage. The job is done and now it’s time to relax give or take because you still have to network. Overall I have to say I love the whole experience of this. Getting to take me craft into a whole new level and seeing face to face how the people is feeling the music. And hey…..we haven’t got booed of the stage so I’m taking that as a good thing!!!! Lovin Life, FiF From Positions Clique www.facebook.com/positionsclique www.reverbnation/positionclique www.soundcloud.com/positions-clique positionsclique@gmail.com

Memento Of My Musical Experiences

Entry 1: Middle Of The Beginning Well since this is the 1st time I ever really blogged and I am already in the middle of my musical journey I decided to name this “Middle Of The Beginning”. As I sit here thinking about everything I have been thru thus far I must say trying to get in the music business is a lot of hard work. When I started taking my music seriously I had no idea how much you had to do besides making music. It was all very overwhelming at first. From doing photo shoots, video shoots, setting up websites, running the websites (they don’t run themselves ya know), getting promo materials and demos together, finding places to perform, rehearsing (which is a must), actually performing, networking before/after shows and all while having a full time job puts a lot of sh*t on your plate. Then I hit a crossroad on one of those days when I was totally burned and tired of everything….”Is this what I really want??? Can I handle all this work??? Should I just walk away and leave this alone??? Can I keep pushing forward??? Should I just stick with just being a producer (That’s a whole another story in itself)???” Well if your reading this I hope you know how I answered these questions!!! Kanye West put it the best in his song “Champion” with the simple line “Giving Up Is Way Harder Than Trying”. So with that being said I will always continue to pursue my dream!!!! Lovin Life, FiF From Positions Clique www.facebook.com/positionsclique www.reverbnation/positionclique www.soundcloud.com/positions-clique positionsclique@gmail.com

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting every thing in tip top order for our fans. PC don't play around. We give our audience a top notch performance. Straight No Chaser. For that, you gotta prep. Get in and make sure all your "i" are dotted and "t" crossed. You feel me. So solid we unstoppable.