ABOUT THE WINNING TEAM Albert Williams, (44) was born in Emsworth in the United Kingdom (UK) on June 10th 1962. At the age of ten, he migrated to the Commonwealth of Dominica with his father. Albert is recognised as a talented individual who has show a keen interest in many areas of the fine arts. Besides having written and self-published three booklets of poetry and a collection of short stories, namely: Honourable Natty Dread, (1982,1990&1996); One Dominica-Odes for I Beloved, (1985) and Through The Far Eye ISBN 976-8155-00-0(1996) and Haunted Heritage and Other Stories ISBN 1-4241-0680-X, In 1997, he was nominated for the DBS Radio FAME Award for Best Radio Program for the one-hour, literary radio program that he produced and presented for the Dominica Writers Guild (DWG). The show, Review was aired on the Dominican FM radio station, Kairi FM on Tuesday€™s, Thursday€™s and Sunday's. Albert is also a founding member of the Dominica Writers€™ Guild (DWG) established in 1982.In addition, to being one of several young persons who founded the Frontline Cooperative Bookstore in 1983. He has worked with organisations such as the Movement for Cultural Awareness (M.C.A.); the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated (EWF Inc.); the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica's, Division of Culture; the Black History Awareness Committee (B.H.A.C) and the Roseau Public Library, with which he has organized dozens of public readings, book festivals, African liberations marches and Bob Marley Awareness Days. He has also been called upon to facilitate workshops in creative writing and is also noted as an excellent performance poet. At the moment he is pursuing a correspondence course in still and video Photography (digital and film) with the New York Institute of Photography (N.Y.I.P.) Since returning to the UK, he has been selected to sit on the Crawley Homes Shadow board. Among his hobbies are playing the piano/keyboard and singing; practicing yoga and self-improvement techniques. He is also an enthusiastic patron of the cinema, television, theatre and art exhibitions. In addition, he enjoys photographing animals, landscapes, buildings and portraits, hiking, cycling and travelling. He is now married to his beautiful Memphis-born wife, Tempie, author of 'Feelngs' ISBN 1-4241-0706-7 ABOUT TEMPIE AM's Blurbs About me: Tempie was born in Memphis. Lived in Louisville and Chicago the past 20 years and recently returned to her home in Memphis to be with her family after the recent loss of their parents. She has had a passion for writing and reading for as long as she can remember. She has a B.S. Degree in Pre-Med and has attended Writers Digest School of Novel Writing. A Master Degree in Business Management is in process. Feelings is a novel she wrote ten years ago and is excited that Publish America has agreed to publish it and make her ten year dream a reality. She is dedicating this novel in special memory of her parents and brother who are in heaven looking down smiling. She is so proud that in all her being God has always been the number one person in her life. Having been raised in a very happy Baptist Family Home with all of your typical everyday struggles, she is so very proud to have been the oldest of five children where strong values morally, ethically and spiritually were not only taught but lived. Besides her vivacious personality and career oriented self anyone that knows Tempie knows she simply loves people and hopes all of her prayers, blessings and testimonies she continually shares are an inspiration to others; as those of others have been an inspiration to her. She moved to England in 2007, married Albert Williams in 2008 and they are living together happily. ALBERT AND TEMPIE ARE MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION


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