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A Spanish Summer

This summer is pretty interesting with some great gigs in and around Marbella. We have already been to Benalmadena and Fuengirola and spent a day in the mountains at Mijas. I was only meant to be here for six weeks, but I have now extended my time with the team for the full tour which ends mid September. I have had time for sunbathing and shopping, while the boys found a bar, so we have all been able to break away from each other when we have had to. It is our last day in Gib tomorrow and this afternoon we will be in a studio to put some meat on some of the songs we are working on. Hopefully we can finish them off when we get back. I have some time on my hands so we are in contact if we're not too drunk after a clubbing session. I hope you enjoy your summer as much I am enjoying mine. Sandra x

Some wonderful sounds!

Local top 10 is a nice place to be, but really it doesn't mean or change what we do that much. Just makes us feel good. The real 'Reverbnation' bonus is finding some really fantastic singers, song-writers and home producers who can turn out songs that are really top quality. It's been a pleasure listening to all of you! Keep it going guys :)

DollyG  (over 7 years ago)

Hello, I'm Dollygirl. Exactly how long did it take you to find a singer? There is such a huge amount of artists, how did you narrow it down? Just curious. I'm interested in doing collaborations with my fellow artists, any tips would be helpful. Thanks so much,

Amazing! Local Top 10 now!

Last week we were wondering if we could hang inside the Top 20 or begin our steady slide back into oblivion. But with lots of plays and visits from you guys out there, we have rolled into the Top 10. But the best bit was when our Management told us today we are number 6 on the 'Hot' Electronic/Dance chart, which is apparently Global. Impressive huh? Well, we were impressed! Thanks guys :)