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Radio show April 26

Hi Angelica Thank you for being apart of this movement! April is National Poetry Month.

I want to personally invite you to be a our special guest on our World Famous Poetry Over Music Online Radio Show.

We will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary. This will be a 3 hour internet radio show

I would like for you to go PoetryOverMusic.com and join the social networking page if you haven’t already. Where you’ll be able to learn about our POM Referral Program and how to get paid for what you do. We are dedicated to growing your Poetry & Spoken Word as a genre. With close to 200,000 cd’s distributed worldwide Poetry Over Music is paving the way for the Arts. For the last three years, Poetry Over Music has educated up incoming artists and entrepreneurs on how to protect and copyright their work, obtain publishing, establishing their own operations, education of proper legal contracts, etc. We have been one of the pioneers of Artist Controlled Music. A.C.M teaches and encourages an artist to own their own publishing and masters. It would mean allot to me if you would be a part of our three year Anniversary. Have a great day!

See you there,


PART 3 Anmwe pou Ayiti

Anmwe pou Ayiti


Hunger pain and fear are often,

despair too,

It seams the norm for people of Haiti,

But what can they do?


Then comes the terrible desaster,

The earth shivers and shakes,

Their homes tumble down around them,

And their fragile existence breaks,


The family’s lives are shattered,

Adults and children are separated,

Buildings are now dust

With nothing left but heartache,

No human way to count the cost,


Hundreds of Thousands of tears,

As children cry in the night,

Just looking for a sympathetic hand,

And a chance to escape their plight,


Haiti my Love.. trying one more time to survive

Survive to what ?

Until another catastrophe hit ?

Chaos, fear , pain and anger are kings now

What can we do to help ...what can we do ?


We've been facing struggles since we began.

So giving up on us should not be a plan.

Instead, the world should lend a helping hand.

Maybe then we would become a prosperous land.


Though we are said to be one of the poorest,

Those who have seen us have seen a treasure chest.

I know that right now we are put to the test,

But the day will come when with your help we will finally rest.


With tears for Haitian people


Thank you

PART 2 Anmwe pou Ayiti

Anmwe pou Ayiti

This is to raise found for Haiti victims

Respect and special thanks to


For giving birth to this project , yes Metal heads have a heart to , Love you bunch sweety ;)

Special thanks to all bands and artists involved

Myspace is full of resources and talents , i have met here the most amazing people

and i'm very proud to call them FRIENDS and to get involved with projects that make sens*

We are many and can be as ONE when needed

This post will be read on the air including TAWk 's track and many others

Thanks to TAWk for her collaboration

I'M . H.A.I.T.I



TAWk and a few friends got together for a cipher... we must open our minds and see and know that we are all one... its Haiti-..War-..Poverty-..Abuse-Hungry- its every where! you know the rest we can help the world by helping ourself first- by learning luv starts inward.. from that your energy is directed and shifted outward.. this small contribution is appreciated by the universe Luv isn't luv until its used correctly.

۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝ ۝

PART 1Anmwe pou Ayiti- A poem for Haiti/Chile by AW A 4 F Corp Wank

Anmwe pou Ayiti- A poem for Haiti/Chile by AW A 4 F Corp Wan Category: Music From: Ungovernable Resistance (DIY Radio) (463235632)

I received this post a few days ago from my good friend Angelica Wandering Angel, a French Canadian poet, who very kindly created 2 special poems for the 'Fuck Corporate Wank' Haiti compilation. She also created a poem that captures the anger & frustration that we feel is happening to our world. Added to this was the participation of 'Tawk', a singer from America, who produced a track with actual artists from Haiti. Safe to say I was humbled ; honoured to have those people involved/help & contribute to Fuck Corporate Wank.

Yesterday we all found out that another earth quake took place in Chile, which once again reminded us why the compilation is happening. Sadly the creator of these poems ; my friend Angelica Wandering Angel has lost close personal friends to the tragedy in Chile . I feel so much shock, sadness, anger at the moment this will obviously pale in comparison to how Angelica is feeling.

Fuck Corporate Wank is no longer just a charity compilation for Haiti. The project is dedicated to Chile, Palestine, The Native Youth Movement, the forgotten homeless under class in the UK to all people that are suffering injustices through out the world.

To those that say we are just idealist dreamers well quite frankly stay in your comfort zone with the rest of the walking blind. At least we are trying to do something.

Fuck Corporate Wank - an album for all resistors worldwide & dedicated to Angelica Wandering Angel who has always strived to shine light on this dark place.

Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio.

Anmwe pou Ayiti

(Haitian Benefit Compilation)

(Haitian Benefit Compilation)

Massive shout out & thanks to the bands so far who want to help us & are submitting music for the album.

DEADLINE IS 28TH FEB . After that i will chase up any loose ends an make sure we have everything to develop the next stage. Cheers.

Bands included so far are:

Down To Kill (UK), Black Skull Squadron (UK), Fucks Sake (UK), Diskent (Sweden), Ruggine (Italy), Oiz II Men (UK), Henry Fonda (Ger), Zora (Italy), subside (Croatia), Haroldshitman (UK), Parapsychotic (Canada), Slaktrens (Sweden), Scooter Trash (USA), Union Strike (USA), Freedom is Lie (Hungary), Wages Of Fear (USA), Diskelma (Finland), Sub Alert (Sweden), Plakkaggio (Italy), Social Chaos (Brazil), Filthy Charity (France), Burnt Cross (UK), Mental Killing Spree (Ger), The Washingtonians (France), Global Parasite (UK), For Fucksake (USA), Campus Stermnii (Italy), Trauma (Italy), I Know (Belarus), Il Disasgio (Italy), Mass Obliteration (Italy), P.F.A (Hungary), Maniakatz (col), Imminent Chaos (Brazil), Quarto Potere (Italy), Tacheless (Germany), Psychotic Sufferance (Malaysia), Orchard of The Living (USA), The Horror (Spain), Kalazaar (Greece), Per Capita (Ger), Carlos Dunga (Italy), Gallery (USA), Deportation (Belguim), Dead Subverts (UK), Poster ITI (Turkey), Raw Power (Italy), Germ Bombs (Sweden), Greed Killing (Germany), Temple of Dagon (USA), Miseria (Italy), Krasskepala (Indonesia), Active Slaughter (UK), Deadfuck (USA), Defekt (Macedonia), Iszonyat (Hungary), The Bristles (Sweden), Audio Kollaps (Ger), Testament (Anarchist Hip Hop, Canada), Fuser (Italy), Punk Virus (Italy), Distanásia (Brazil), Totalickers (Spain), Zudas Krust (Indonesia), Shit With Cornflakes (Bra), Constructores Del Odio, Power is Poison, Ilogik (Anarchist Hip Hop, Canada), Antbus (Sweden), Yaiitai (France), Total Aggression (Sweden), Angelica Wandering Angel (French Canadian poet lyricist ,vocals ,spoken words etc ,), Tawk (USA, submittg ed an awesome beautiful track for the compilation)


Massive shout out & thanks to the bands so far who want to help us & are submitting music for the album. DEADLINE IS 28TH FEB . After that i will chase up any loose ends an make sure we have everything to develop the next stage. We have a distro on board (screaming from the gutter) and would like to develop digital copies. http:../../..www...screamingfromth..egutter.com/ - john (ruggine) runs the screaming from the gutter site is making some cds for us -25-50 hard copies as that's all I can afford. If I can get more hard copies done which I will try, but I have to be realistic. others distros that have offered to help with getting this out include: Scullcrusher Distro (http:../../..www...myspace...com/..scullcrasherdis ), & Schizofrehn Distro (http:../../..www...myspace...com/..schizodistro), Punk As Fuck/Blogg As Fuck (http:../../..www...myspace...com/bloggasfuck), Active Rebellion (UK) have also kindly offered to help distroing the cd. digital versions will be hosted on screaming from the gutter and wherever else will be willing to host the compilation. looking at mp3 format so we can get everyone on the cd. screaming from the gutter is looking at an organisation called 'doctors without borders' (http:../../..www...doctorswithoutb..orders.org/) that will ensure that all funds raised will go haiti and not some fat cunt cat in a suit. if anyone knows of any other organisations that could help then please message me. More info on - http:../../..www...screamingfromth..egutter.com/ Distros so far: Screaming From The Gutter.com (DIY Collective) - We have plans to make CD copies of the album which will be available through Screaming From The Gutter & any distros willing to be involved. Digital copies will also be available. This is a DIY album developed by Ungovernable Resistance with help & participation from Screaming From The Gutter DIY Collective. Get in touch & get involved! Genres for Fuck Corporate Wank D-Beat, Crust, Stench, Punk (non pop - anarcho, hc, etc), Hardcore, Power Violence, Crossover, Grindcore (non corp), Crust Grind, Thrash Grind, Political Grind, Anarcho Death Metal, Anarchist Political Hip Hop. Strictly must match the show & the above.