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Time has really slipped past me! There has been so much going on, I don't know where to start!

Since our Pastor opened the doors to City Harvest Ministries in Spartanburg, South Carolina, things have been very busy. We have an awesome worship team which rotates players between several leaders. I'm glad for the rotation as it gives me personal worship time as well as free time to fulfill other commitments. Our church does a lot of outreach in our community and I stay busy leading worship for these events along with our home group ministry.

This summer, we're planning a vacation to Michigan for a wedding which, on our way home, will take us towards my home state of Virginia. YAY!! My husband and I have such crazy schedules that it will be nice just to spend some time together.

I'm in the process of getting all of my pages updated and get some new videos together for posting as well as working on a few new projects. I anticipate some visitation to these pages and welcome your comments!

God Bless! :) Dawn Jones

God's Protection

Easter weekend was very unusual for us. This is the time where we usually think on the cross and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. We reflect on where we've come from and how God has provided a way of salvation and ultimately...Heaven. This past weekend, Easter weekend, while shopping with a friend, we were in a car accident. This is probably the worst accident that I have ever been in. Both cars will probably be totaled. Looking back, this could have ended with 4 fatalities. Everyone walked away with only minor aches and pains, if that. God tells us that he will watch over and protect us, provide for us and love us. He is faithful to His word. All it takes is a little trust. Try Him out, the first step is the hardest, but the steps afterward get easier.