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CD review by Illusions Webzine

Reviewed by Eric at Illusions webzine: http://www.myspace.com/illusionszine

One word can pretty much describe this disc. ANGRY! Volksmerink is a one man thrash/death metal band that consists of guitarist/bassist/vocalist/drum programer Chuck Vollmering based in the hills of Lytle Creek, California. The music on "The Suffering of One" ranges from death metal syle speed picking and drum programing to thrash metal style fast paced palm muted down strokes and riffs. There are also a few midpaced sections in a couple songs too, which help change the tempo a bit. Chuck's awesome guitar work has also landed him with some other side projects including Pocket Pussy Hash Pipe with Nik from Sikfuk, Infected Epididymides with Jay from Perverse Molestation and also does music for King of the Cage (metal and cage fighting you can't go wrong there haha). Chuck's vocals are more low end, pissed off, thrash style vocals and he also throws some wicked screams in his songs from time to time as well. Once in a while you'll hear a growl in there but for the most part he keeps it anger driven throughout the album. "The Suffering of One" is Volksmerink's first full length album. It was recorded at Vestibular System Studios in Lytle Creek, California and was mixed and master by Dan Perreault at DPS. It is also released under Chuck's own label of Earzit Records. Here comes the hard part in determining what three songs are among my favorites on this disc. I don't know what it is but for some reason lately opening tracks have been jumping out at me so I'll have to say "Flame and Kerosene", track four "Uncompromising" and track seven "Everything Else". Those are just my opinions of course. "The Suffering of One" is definitely worth a listen for any type of metal fan. Click the links below, add him as a friend and shoot the shit with him and check out his tunes.

www.volksmerink.com www.myspace.com/volksmerink www.youtube.com/volksmerink www.myspace.com/infectedepididymides

Cd review by Deaths Design Brutal Webzine

Volksmerink-The Suffering of One cd {earzit rec.} This is another new death/thrash band from the mighty California scene. The drums {which are programmed} are mid paced to all-out attacks on your ear-drums even treading onto blast beats in a few songs, but I wouldn't label Volksmerink a grind band. The bass/guitars are intense, insane thrash riffs that would make the masters of thrash proud!! The vocals are gruff with the traditional thrashing screams. I also noticed it sounded like some effects were used on the vocals {but thankfully} only on a few tracks. This is not a bad release and should be checked out by fans of 80's thrash,and early 90's death metal. I for one look forward to seeing/hearing what Volksmerink do next!!!