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New Year - All new rhythm section!

Well, it' s been a trying couple of years, but our new bass player Tom Rastikis, and new drummer Kyle Sweney are a force to be reckoned with. We've been recording all spring/summer, plan to have an EP out in October followed by a full album early next year. First gig back out with the new lineup is early September, followed by Dayton Music Fest in October. You'll be seeing plenty more...

New year - New guitar player!

Pleased to welcome Tim Flanagan into the fold on rhythm guitar - he had a trial by fire at the Dayton does Dayton show and we think he worked out pretty OK! We've got some stuff on the books for late February but look for us pullin' all-nighters again sometime in the Spring!

Autumn... a season of change.

Man, it's been a weird and hectic Fall - after Hoeflich broke his hand this summer, we had to work up a THIRD drummer (the AMAZING Josh Gonzales) to do some dates that were on the books. After some marathon sessions, we managed to pull of a crazy night at the Garden Station followed immediately by the Tumbleweed Connection. FIVE sets that night. My fingers hurt, to say the least.

Well, Brixx yanked the rug on us for the next show, so much of the work was for naught. But we made a good friend in Josh, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in the future.

Meanwhile, backup drummer #2, Joe Prescott, had booked us a gig at the Filling Station, and had to be brought up to speed on new material to finish out our 3 sets. That and the Halloween show were interesting to say the least - but we've discovered that Joe is 2x the player when he plays QUIETLY, as demonstrated at this last BRIXX gig. Live and learn.

We've been getting some writing done, and we have the material for our 3rd set fleshed out, but other drastic changes are waiting in the wings. Another gig at Brixx and a Thanksgiving Eve show at Tumbleweed Connection will be your last chance... to...

Interesting end to a busy summer

Well, we tried to really kick out the heat this weekend at the WYSO gig at Carillon Park, but the sun got the best of us - After one Marshall blew up, and then a pedal-board, it was determined we should cut the set short...

Other fascinating news? Our full-time drummer Brian Hoeflich has a broken hand, and won't be healed and back in business until the end of September. Our backup drummer Joe Prescott can't do any of the upcoming gigs due to scheduling - as a result we'll be bringing a THIRD drummer into the mix!

Josh Gonzales has been steadily gigging for the last 15 years, and you might have seen him playing for Once-ler at our J'Alans show earlier this year. Rehearsals start tomorrow!!

Sayonara Oregon Express

Well, 6 weeks into the OE gig, they decided to put us on hiatus for the summer, but we've got plenty of other stuff shakin', including the big WYSO gig at the end of August, and some free shows at BRIXX - we'll be taking time in the middle of the month to write more new stuff too -

Weekly Gig at the Oregon Express

If you weren't aware of it, we picked up a house gig at the Oregon Express, every Wednesday night from 9-12. The best part, other than US, and the PIZZA & BEER? Admission is FREE.

Added a new audio track...

New Audio - Something we've been playing at rehearsals - forgive the title-modification, I didn't wanna get shut down by the copyright police.

OK - Reverbnation!

I've caved in... this seems to be pretty happening, so I'm jumping in the pool with Reverbnation. Don't screw me like MP3.com