BARRELBRIGHT's Debut Album, "THE NEW WEST", Now Available!

Grab your copy of BARRELBRIGHT's debut album, "The New West", available from Powderburn Publishing, today. It's a 13-track amalgamation of hooks, harmonies and hammer-ons; complete with a few ballads, several anthems, plenty of hard rock and even two instrumentals... all designed to give the listener a closer view into the world of BARRELBRIGHT. One of the midwest's fastest growing rock bands, BB has literally begun to sell albums worldwide, with it's music being sent all over the United States, as well as Russia, England, Germany, Belarus, Italy, Sweden and even to military fans in Afghanistan. Please take some time to check out samples of the album now at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/barrelbright ... and welcome to THE NEW WEST!

- Powderburn Publishing