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Andre Weekes " Come Together "

10.12.2010 a big " Come Together " with Andre Weekes ( Live ), Rainbow Sound and Black United Sound in Hamburg Juice Club! Roots In The City start 23:00, again a supa Friday Night!

WILD LIFE from Jamaica

On the 09.07.10 Live from Jamaica in Hamburg Juice Club....WILD LIFE from Jamaica ( TOO TUFF ), RAS SEVEN from Hamburg, CRUCIAL VIBES SOUNDSYSTEM from Hamburg, ROOTS Commandment SOUNDSYSTEM from Hamburg,BLACK UNITED SOUNDSYSTEM from Gambia / Brasil....start 23:00, Hamburg Juice Club, Stresemannstrasse 204-205. TOO TUFF!

For the very first time live in Hamburg

Respect, 11.06.10 in Hamburg Juice Club, Stresemannstrasse 204-205, Hamburg.23.00 Night....come and get a hot Friday Night, Live with the one and only EAZY WAYNE from Jamaica, JAHVAHNI from Jamaica, RAS SEVEN from Hamburg, JUICY from Munich, Soundsystems from Hamburg....the one and only CRUCIAL VIBES and BLACK UNITED! Would be great to see ya there!